Obasanjo is Nigeria’s divider-in-chief – Garba Shehu

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Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu has reacted to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s statement in which he alleged that Nigeria is divided and becoming a failed state under the Buhari-led administration.

According to a statement the presidential spokesman released on Sunday September 13, he alleged that Obasanjo is Nigeria’s “divider-in-chief” as he has made several attempts to divide the nation. Listing Buhari’s achievements, he said the adminstration is in the business of promoting unity and nation building.

Read his statement below:

OBASANJO IS NIGERIA’S DIVIDER-IN-CHIEF in his most recent statement former President Olusegun Obasanjo attempts to divide the nation while President Muhammadu Buhari continues to promote nation building and the unity of Nigeria.

The difference is clear. From the lofty heights of Commander-in-Chief, General Obasanjo has descended to the lowly level of Divider-in-Chief (to adapt the coinage of Time). Before responding further to the unfair attacks on President Buhari and his administration by the former President.

it is important that we categorically state that contrary to the assertions by a few analysts, the recent speech in which President Buhari advised West African Presidents against tenure elongation beyond constitutional limits has been consistent with his long held views on the need to adhere to the rule of law.

Even though he tried it and failed, the recent uptick in the number of such leaders proposing to do, or actually carrying on in office beyond term limits is sufficient to cause concern among democrats in the sub-region given its prospects of destabilizing the states and the region.

President Buhari’s advocacy is consistent with his principles and in line with the current policies of his administration and indeed that of the ECOWAS Charter which is that term limits must be respected and that the change of government is only permissible through the ballot box.

Having cleared this misperception, we hope that Chief Obasanjo would once again sheath the sword and rest the pretentiousness about the Messiah that has (mis)led him to pronounce often wrongly, as he disastrously did in the 2019 elections, about the life and death of Nigerian governments.

As some commentators are already suggesting, Chief Obasanjo should, in accordance with his mantra as a statesman, get involved with problems solving, when and where they exist instead of helping the mushrooming of a poisonous atmosphere of ethnic and religious nationalism.

Surely, he must have disappointed many of his local and foreign admirers by showering commendations on a few extremist groups who have vowed to shun the invitation to the National Assembly to participate in the process of constitutional amendment.

No doubt, he must have left those admirers confused in announcing the support for the boycott of a democratic process of changing the constitution, at the same time calling for dialogue and engagement.

The fact that the process he ushered in under his administration with the dubious intention of amendments that sought tenure elongation failed as did two other attempts by the successor administrations of the same political party does not in any way justify his dismissal of the exercise by the 9th Assembly as a another waste of time and resources.

To the credit of the All Progressives Congress-led 8th Assembly, the process of constitutional amendment was kickstarted and carried through, paving the way for, among other benefits, the financial independence of local government councils, States Houses of Assembly and the country’s Judiciary. These changes have already been signed into laws by the President as mandated by the constitution.

The recent decisions by the administration as they relate to subsidy withdrawal, helping to plug some of the most horrendous notorious holes and release of scarce resources for the more pressing needs of the people has also not escaped the ire of the former president.

It’s a known fact that the withdrawal of subsidies had been on the wish list of the Obasanjo-led Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. They failed in achieving these measures because, one there was a shared greed. They plundered the treasury as much as anyone could in the name of either subsidy or waiver with reckless impunity.

Two, is to say it takes courage and rare statesmanship on the part of a leader to do as President Buhari to shun populism and seek the best interest of the people and the state, providing the kind of reform and development that Nigeria urgently needs.

This President has run an administration focused on infrastructure and development. He has repaired our damaged relations with neighbours and our traditional allies such as the UK, US, China, Russia, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the others with lots of benefits to the country.

It is a pro-business administration that has used diplomacy to unlock bilateral trade and investment. He leads a government that has liberalized the investment climate and market access by achieving reforms that have placed the country in the list of the world’s top reforming economies.

Nigeria, which other nations had mocked and ridiculed for so many things that were wrong is today progressing at a pace reflecting its size and potential.

With so much to show and many more coming, it is little surprise that President Buhari would be the object of envy and harsh unfair challenges by politicians who failed to deliver, but continue to nurse ambitions of delighting the audience long after their curtain has been drawn.


    1. The presidential seat is for business so allow the man to Enjoy while its time because I don’t see any infrastructure or Economic development soon

  1. In as much as I do not have any love for any politician in Nigeria whether the former leaders or the present ones, I still do not hold the view of this present government that is always using propaganda to tackle every problem and accusations leveled against them every time
    We all know that all these leaders be it the former leaders..o or the present one..o are all bad leaders that have refused to do things right so that the country will move forward positively
    Obasanjo during all his tenures, messed this nation up but it is said that you don’t have to throw a child away with the dirty bath water. Obasanjo might be a bad messenger with a good message so Garba should take his good message and discard the messenger. This system of castigation and counter accusations is not what we want now. The country is not moving, everyone knows and urgent attention and action is needed so that this nation does not fall inside well

  2. We shouldn’t look at the person who presented the message but the message itself, does the message speak about what’s going on in the country? If yes, government should look inward and make adjustments where needed. Now, let us look at it critically at this ill Time you increase everything that will be of benefit to average Nigerians then you are asking us not to complain or talk about it,, that’s wickedness you find means of making life bearable for us not inflicted pains on Nigerians.

  3. Garba sheu is carrying out his duties and what is being paid for, he didn’t speak about Nigerians. We are talking about Nigerians you are talking about foreign countries, are they the one paying you your wages,are they the one paying the tax that it’s been use to run the country. If we all died, are they the one you will be governing on? And many more. You should rebuild Nigeria in a way that is going to be a benefit to the masses not few people. That’s what we are talking about not rubbish your administration.

    1. Garuba SHEHU is novies in this country, the statement that was written by Formal President Olusegun Obasanjo to Buhari Administration, every Nigeria knows that the allegations is true which President Muhammadu Buhari and his cabinet can never defend. But Muhammadu Buhari Spokesperson Garuba Shehu he just have to defend his boss and protect his salary that is the reason why he reacted on Obasanjo statement. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo brought in network to the country, like MTN, GLO,9MOBILE and AIRTEL during his tenure he also brought in DSTV. But instead Buhari make all this increase with his harship administration

  4. This man is spewing nonsense…. We the citizens know that Nigeria is divided under the administration of buhari and he lack leadership qualities and he always rely on his trusted friend during his administration…. It happens during military era and so is happening againh during democracy

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