Rapture cannot exceed ten years – Pastor Chris predicts

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Founder of love world ministries also known as Christ Embassy has predicted when rapture will take it.

Speaking during an online ministration, he made it known that rapture will not exceed 10 years from now.

He further urged people to give their lives to Christ as ”we are living in the last hours”

He said:

“If the Rapture doesn’t happen in 3 years, it might be 6 years. If it doesn’t happen by then, it cannot exceed 10 years…says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

“You have to give your heart to Jesus today because we are living in the LAST HOURS. Send us a DM and we will lead you to christ. It’s that simple


  1. Taa please just keep your mouth shut.Are you now God.Do not trust people who are full of themselves. They try to make themselves sound so important that you can’t live without them. In truth, they spend so much time focused on themselves they are virtually worthless when it comes to really getting anything done.i don’t believed

  2. Rapture or what do you called it. Have you you read your Bible very well? That means Jesus won’t come back or what or is it not in your Bible that Jesus will come back. At least there are some signs that God explained or mentioned that will happen before the rapture will happen and I know there are lots of things that has not happened. Therefore, everybody should just follow the words of God and do what God has us to be doing and restricted from what he has us not to do.

  3. What I could say is that we are in declining period not yet rapture time, we are just having few from what God says it will be happening when it’s declining period and he said Jesus will come back, and one man will be calling himself god, everything will turn upside down when all these started happening then we will now be talking rapture. Everyone should move close to Almighty God without hesitate . We should move closer to God and far away from sins that’s the best way to go.

  4. I do not know what to say about this but only to say we are waiting and watching
    To me only God knows when
    Whether rapture or no rapture, every one should try to give his or her life to God Almighty and do things right

  5. What nonsense pastor Chris or is your name, it’s true we are in declining period and is not now that we Rapture, are you God or man of God? Is only God know the exactly year, month, time that is going to Rapture. Is not only 10year is 1year. Don’t you read it in your Bible that Jesus Christ which we Muslim knows as Prophet Issa is coming back and is not only coming back he will have a wife and give birth. And you said 10years. Please Christ don’t brainwashed our head look for another way to make your money. Thank you

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