Nigerian Lawyers make move to strip AGF of his SAN title

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Lawyers in the country have begun a move to strip the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami of his Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, title.

This is following Malami’s amendment to the rules of professional conduct for legal practitioners (RPC), 2007 as he is said to have removed the requirement for the NBA stamp and seal on court processes.

The lawyers accused the Minister of taking the decision without proper consultation and creating room for non-lawyers to submit court processes

A group known as the New NBA had written a petition to Malami, asking his Ministry to recognise it as a decision making body of lawyers in the country.

The New NBA is mostly a group of aggrieved northern lawyers who were angered by Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s removal from the list of speakers in the 2020 NBA conference

Lawyers are calling for Malami to be stripped of SAN in the petition started on by Izu Aniagu and titled “Sign to strip Nigeria’s AGF, Abubakar Malami the title of Senior Advocate of Nigeria.”

The petition reads in part;

“Since his assumption of office as the Attorney-General of the Federation has continued to go rogue, from his disobedience to court order, to his lackluster prosecution, to his outright failure to prosecute, to allegations of corruption and bias against his person, to usurpation of office, to shielding of suspects, to his general dereliction of duty.

“This time, the AGF has decided to take his imprudence to top-notch by unilaterally deleting the provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct which provide for stamp and seal as well as bar practicing fee for government lawyers. The AGF does not have such power. Section 12 (4) of the LPA gives the General Council of the Bar power to make any such amendment and make other decisions concerning the NBA.

“There is no record of any meeting convened by the Attorney General of the Federation who is the president of The Bar Council. The AGF took the decision alone and his actions constitute a threat to the rule of law. His action is totally shameful and is undeserving of a lawyer in the rank of a Senior Advocate, let alone a Chief Law Officer of the federation.”

As at yesterday, 973 lawyers have signed the petition to strip Malami of SAN title.


  1. Ohh my God!!!
    Why is that the people of this country will always leave the important issues to be tackled and be tackling frivolous matters
    If they strip him his SAN title, will it put food on the masses table, will it make fuel to be cheap, will it give us adequate security that have eluded this nation or give us portable water supply, 24 hours electricity, good schools and good health facilities
    Please we should not be disturbed by all these so called lawyers and their SAN
    Let them tackle other more important things that are making this country look as a banana republic

    1. Please let them tackle the issue that concern them , it’s about their lives and their profession.
      The issue of insecurities, poverty, hikes concern every Nigerians

  2. Really if he will bring luck to country..Every sunset gives us, one day less to live. But every sunrise give us, one day more to hope. So, hope for the best. Good Day & Good Luck Nigeria lawer

  3. The question should be, how did this law came to be? How many of this lawyers voted to bring this stamp and seal thing? , the law came exactly the way malami removed it, even if I know that malami did it to favour the new NNBA.. He should be removed.

  4. Please wake me up if I’m already sleeping, are we still in Nigeria or we’re? Why you go leave your right and focus we’re you are not concern.

  5. We all know Nigeria is a lawless country in which anybody can do and undo, how would minister of justice and attorney general of federation would just wake up on a day and just decide what to do without proper consultation at least we have those that are stake holders in that field that he could inform them about the issues before taking any steps. Lawyers should fold their arms on this issue because it may damage a lot of things.

  6. If to strip him his SAN will allow him to learn they should go ahead, how would you just like wake up in day and just decide like that, it’s uncalled for. Once it’s concern benches of lawyers he should try to inform them and sit on round table before taking decision. It’s has become the government habit, they will just wake up and do anyhow on what is going to benefit them but when it becomes what we benefit masses they won’t even make any attempts. Why is our government behaving like that?

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