Your curses only bless me – Daddy Freeze tells pastors

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Controversial on-air-personality, Daddy Freeze has reacted to the series of insults that has been thrown at him by different pastors.

They had been claims that he has stopped attacking pastors because he is afraid of the curses they lay on him.

Freeze had released a video where he apologized for calling Oyedepo a “bald-headed fowl” with this, many Christians assumed he had apologized and has stopped attacking pastors because he is afraid of the curses they would lay on him.

Reacting to this, Freeze took to IG asking Nigerian Christians to beg their pastors not to stop cursing him as their curses are actually blessings in his life.

See his post below:

Your curses only bless me - Daddy Freeze tells pastors 4
‘I don’t fear curses, as a matter of fact, I love them dearly. They are a clear attestation that my purpose is being fulfilled and an indication that more blessings would come my way.

So please I beg you, and please beg your pastors as well, not to stop cursing me. Bless me with your curses.

Unless of course my message is not a true revelation from Christ that aligns with the scriptures. As long as it is, your curses only bless me as the scriptures say


  1. There shouldn’t be confusion in the body of Christ, for our God is not an Arthur of Confusion.
    Any grudges or conflict you have with any of the pastor’s shouldn’t exceed 24hrs as a pastor and a leader in the body of Christ u re ought to know that

  2. So this saga is still on going. I don’t know why this should be lingering up till now
    They should let the sleeping dog to lie and let there be peace
    What we want is peace and for everyone to face things that are more important

  3. I thought that this matter have ended o, abeg they should put a stop to it before it will get to something else. Please Daddy Freeze if their curses are blessing or making you to proper please dont raise another dust here thanks and God bless you.

  4. But you called yourself a man of God but you are still making enemy for yourself instead of making friends. You need to see yourself as a man of God if you are truly because the Jesus you said you are following didn’t behave like this and you did not see it written in his word. You better change your ways before it’s late.

  5. You may think you have already blessed for today but you should remember that nobody knows what tomorrow will become that’s why you need to hold on to the God Almighty because he is who has the power in which nobody can query him why he does that. You should make peace with everybody not qarel.

  6. You cannot call yourself a follower of Christ and all you do is talk ill about men of God. No true follower of Christ will do that. Daddy freeze needs to retrace his steps.

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