Buhari unveils ‘Nigeria at 60’ Logo

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As Nigeria approaches Diamond Jubilee, President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday unveiled the logo which will be used in the celebration of the anniversary.

The unveiling took place during the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting in Abuja, the nation’s capital. It was witnessed by Federal Ministers and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Ministers at the meeting include the Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola; Minister of Information and Culture, Rauf Aregbesola; Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, among others.

The Federal Government had earlier in September called on Nigerians to submit creative ideas that can brand the anniversary which is themed “Together at 60”.

Credit: Channels TV


  1. Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because you character is who you truly are but you reputation is merely what others think we have to celebrated it.

  2. Very lovely logo.
    How I wish Nigeria and the lives of Nigerians can be as beautiful as the logo.
    PMB, it’s not just about the celebration, it’s about the state of the nation and the lives of the people.

  3. The logo is fine, I must tell you but the truth of the matter is that it is not logo that we are going to eat
    What is there to celebrate in Nigeria. To me I don’t see anything worth celebrating in this nation
    We are not moving at all instead we are going backwards as the day passes by
    A human being of 60 years is no more a young person and at the age of 60, you are not doing well, it calls for questioning

  4. Can you imagine this Mr. President o what are we going to do with the Logo or is that Logo solve Nigeria’s problem? Nigeria at 60 but there is nothing to show instead of things to get better but its the other way round and you are proud to show us Nigeria at 60 Logo.

  5. Minister of information and culture “Alhaji Lai Muhammed” not rauf aregbesola. Not celebration is matter most in this critical period of time but what you do for for your citizens to alleviate poverty in the town. Nigerians are battling with so many issues in this period of time then what have done to remove millions of people from this and what are you still going to do. This what we need from you not only celebration.

  6. Congratulations to Nigeria at 60, but we just counting the number without development. Our leaders should wake up and do the needful, we are going backward in everything including our educational system which of strike, millions of Nigerians leaving below $1 dollar per day, etc. Then what are we celebrating? Insecurities is a threat in this country some people have become refugee, bokoharam have killed many people not only but also kidnapped. Then our is celebrating Nigeria @60. May God help us.

  7. How I Wish Nigeria And The Lives Of Nigerians Can Be As Beautiful As The Logo.. maybe he has started to unleash the achievement ..big congrats to Nigeria

  8. We always have talent of everything, remember last world cup Nigeria win best Jersey of the among all country is a big kudos to us. But our country is bad, we have bad country and bad leaders

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