False accusers should get same punishment as rapists – Actress, Allwell Ademola

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Nollywood actress, Princess Allwell Ademola has opined that false rape accusers should also be given same punishment as rapists to deter others.

Taking to Instagram, the movie producer shared a video in which she explained her stand.

In the video, the actress made it known that she supports the ‘truth’ as she pointed out that false rape allegations could ruin a person’s life.

She shared the video with the caption;

“False Accusers should get same punishment as the rapist … They are part of the reason we struggle to prove real rape cases. SCAR…A short movie that speaks volume about Rape and how to go about it. Kindly subscribe to saje TiologaTv”.


  1. No objection to that.their different case and crime.so don’t deserved same punishment .i thought rapist should higher than accused period.

  2. I agree with the fact that false rape allegations can ruin a person’s life.
    But if the penalty for rapist is castration, I do not support the motion.

  3. yes,he need too be punish so he can learn his lessons,not just man they are many rapists out dere rapping peoples daughters, please the need to do something about this it getting out of hand.

  4. This rape matter is a matter that is hard to settle..o Eventhough I am among the people advocating for serious harsh penalty for offenders of rape, we are also afraid that some dubious ladies might be using it to deal with men, they perceive as enemies or men they want to punish
    I feel that as this lady has rightly said, it will be nice if the same punishment meant for s rapist is given to a false accuser, but this also will cause a heavy problem since most times it is always hard to prove these cases

  5. She really made points from what she said, in the first instance, why would a girl make false accusations in the first instance if you are having misunderstanding with your boy friend or anyone, it’s not proper to go to that length to tarnish the image of him because doing so any evil thing may occur to the person.

  6. In a first instance I didn’t support raping issue because I don’t think that there’s anything to gain from it but but if eventually happen like that the punishment should be meted to him and from what she said or her observations there should be a tangible punishment also for the person who made the false accusation, I mean severe punishment so that he would prevent those who have it in mind to do so to desist from it.

  7. They should be killing anybody that was fined guilty, you will see that they we be decreasing. They all have equal rights of punishment.

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