FG approves establishment of new anti-corruption agency

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Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami has announced that the federal government has approved the establishment of a new anti-corruption agency in the country.

He expressed that the new agency will be saddled with proper coordination of all recovered looted assets. This was reportedly approved during the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday.

Speaking to newsmen after the meeting, Malami who doubles as the Attorney General of the Federation gave reason for the new development.

The AGF expressed that assets recovered have been in the hands of several agencies and that better coordination will encourage international/overall coordination in recovering more looted assets.

Following this explanation, Malami announced that the new anti-corruption agency is named, ‘Proceeds of Crime Recovery and Management Agency.’

He also revealed that the bill will be transmitted to the National Assembly for lawmakers to pass it into law.


  1. Hope this won’t be like the present anti corruption agencies that would take so much longer time before they could convict the those who are found wanting of the money laundering. I hope it would work out this time around.

  2. It is a welcome development about the anti corruption, this anti corruption also it’s all about The are so many judges that are using delay tactics about the cases. Corruption is the most set back we are having in this nation.

  3. Malami has hidden agenda towards assets recovery which his hands are stained. Besides waste of Nigeria Resources on frivolous agencies which one can be merged together to achieve targeted purpose like ICPC and EFCC under one manager. The one can be given this new responsibility. However, any of these agencies should not be under the direct or supervisory control of Justice Ministry/CJN of the Federation and more so, Ministry of Justice (Politician) should be split of Chief Justice of Federation( Attorney General/ Civil Servant). Malami presumably has some properties acquired illegally which needed to be covered up. This is his problems with Magu while the later also indirectly power corrupted.

  4. The government is setting up a hunt dog instead of strengthening the existing body, what a waste and what a way to weaken the anti corruption fight.

  5. To your tent ohh Israel, how does it concern me. The ones they looted and told us they recovered and later relooted them, who are we holding responsible
    These people in office are just using us to play always telling us one thing or the other
    We are folding our hands watching them to see how this new agency will do their own job

  6. Why the establishment of new Anti Corrupt Agency, what happened to EFCC after that you people have given them (EFCC) bad name you wanna create another Agency when you people pollute this new one too, you bring out another Agency. Confussion everywhere.

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