Nigeria has always been divided. It didn’t start under Buhari- Femi Adesina

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Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, has disagreed with Nigerians who believe that the country is more divided than it was before the Buhari-led administration came into power in 2015.

Recall that former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode and many others have come out to say that Nigeria is now more divided than it has ever been.

However speaking on Channels TV yesterday evening, Adesina said even after the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, the country has always remained divided and that the division currently seen across the country did not start with President Buhari. In his words

”Nigeria had always been divided right from amalgamation in 1914. Nigeria is an inconvenient amalgamation but we have kept at it and we have worked at it.

“And I tell you that there is no time in the history of this country that the country was not divided. But then, we have kept at it and we are trying to make it work.

“As at 2015 when President Buhari came, Nigeria was terribly divided; divided along ethnic, religious and political lines; divided along language; divided hopelessly and terribly.”

Criticizing those who claim that the country is now divided, Adesina said

”You see that a number of people, instead of letting harmony return to this country, thrive and luxuriate in widening the gap between Nigerians. They play politics with everything.

So, if they say Nigeria is divided today, it is because Nigeria has always been divided. And all efforts to unite Nigeria and Nigerians never worked

When Nigerians come to a decision point that we must live together, we can’t wish anybody away, then we will be working towards being a nation.”


  1. Really its divided sinces before buhari so we unto freedom of expression where you live your life as he pleased you without any complain by any ruler.

  2. sure, but he promise us change that is why we voted for him,and he has been talking about the change for so many years now still we have not seeing anything good.

  3. I can’t believe you man Adesina. The way buhari is ruling in the country is the reason why everyone wants to stand by there own, buhari hardship administration is behind it.

  4. The country has already been divided but it’s even worst during the administration of buhari because of lack leadership qualities

  5. The way am seeing it now this country won’t be one Nigeria in the next 3yrs because the conflict among Ethnic groups political party are too much

  6. Nigeria is a curse country God’s anger is against Nigeria because of wickedness of the so called rulers killings injustice and blood sacrifices been done to innocent victims…only God can help us

  7. Look at your statement you altered, does it sound well? What is your government doing to unify Nigerians about this division. This is not suppose to be coming our from someone like you, you disappointed us.

  8. You are heating the polity because the way president buhari is doing concerning his appointments, it means is adding to the problems on ground. What we need from you is to make things work accordingly. Not added to the division on ground.

  9. You might be right young man but as a good leader he claimed to be he should have make them come together, but come to think of it you once said that Nigeria is indivisible how come you are saying this now. What a confused government always blaming people for their bad government.

  10. Must Adesina okay politics with every thing. Must he respond to everything said by people against this government even when he knows nothing tangible to say. I think the best thing he should have been doing was to keep quiet when people say the truth against this government that he is part of.
    We all know that he is trying to please his pay master, but this is never the right way to do it nah
    He always says things that end up making the citizens more annoyed
    Let him always make verifications before coming up on air to countermote whatever that has been said against his pay master Buhari

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