Nigerian man arrested in Houston for murdering another Nigerian man over $40

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A 22-year-old Nigerian man identified as Ofon Phillip Idiong has been charged for killing his 22-year-old friend, Brian Njoku.

The deceased was owing the suspect $40(N15k) and had reportedly been trying to pay via an online banking platform but the money kept reversing into his account. 

According to reports, “Ofon picked up Brian and they went to a mutual friend’s house at 8811 Gustine Lane, to watch a basketball match on Monday, September 7,2020.

“The suspect asked for his money but Brian tried to explain the situation. An argument ensued and Ofon brought out a gun and shot him .”

According to City of Houston News, Houston Police Department patrol officers responded to a shooting call at the crime scene and found Brian suffering from gunshot wounds. They administered first aid and quickly rushed him to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect initially fled the scene but returned and was interviewed by Houston police detectives. He was subsequently charged for his role in Njoku’s death. 

Nigerian man arrested in Houston for murdering another Nigerian man over $40


The Houston Police Department wrote in a statement posted on its website: “Charges have been filed against a suspect arrested in the fatal shooting of a man at 8811 Gustine Lane that occurred about 10:30 p.m. on Monday (September 7).

“The suspect, Ofon Phillip Idiong (b/m, 22), is charged with murder in the 337th State District Court.  A booking photo of Idiong is attached to this news release.

“The victim, Brian Njoku, 22, was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. 

“The security guard stated that prior to the shooting Njoku and another man were overheard arguing in front of the apartment. ” the state read


  1. Jesu’s that man should face the law for killing your fellow human being just for money.the man should serve life in prisonment with hard labour.

  2. what is really going on in this country do we really have to kill ourselves for money, we are African we suppose to let love lead so why killing ourselves.

  3. I pray to God that you will never Scott free, because I don’t know the reason why you people we be holding gun all around while you are not police, the gun that has no license, even if it has the they say you should kill anyhow? You now human being like you because of 15k. You will never Scott free you shall be killed as well.

  4. Why will u kill someone because of money,he need to be punish for killing someone. I don’t know why some people don’t value others life.

  5. Why always Nigeria, as we have those who is with evil and we have those who are genius. They should make a further investigation and take him to court to face his evil act action.

  6. Why taking life of a fellow human being like you? This is wickedness, they shouldn’t allow him to go Scot Free killing a fellow human like you because of $15 (40k) .If found guilty he should be killed also, to serve as a deterrent to others.

  7. Nigerians and money God forbid bad thing, everywhere we go we must show ourselves killing means nothing to us. Now that he has killed his friend how will he still get his $40 or will Brian come out from the land of the dead and pay him? They should deal with him according to their law.

  8. Later u ppl wil say Muslims re terrorist n so on. Wen u re killing each other without any mercy, y cn’t d whites, Americans kill u 2. U hate Islam n muslims n dey love d muslims n dey nvr harass d muslims despite naming us terrorist 4 u black mentality 2 b castigating us. D South African ‘s 2 killed u lik maggots in fact everywhere u travel out dey kill u bcos of ur cunning attitudes n dey hate u. Buh u re busy calling muslims names n hating muslims. Its such a pity. Buh u re d once cursing

  9. Chaiii!!! What a nonsense act from this stupid Nigerian guy. Just because of N15k you murdered your friend and brother
    This is pure wickedness. This guy should be dealt with severely and accordingly

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