Wife of popular nightlife king, Lascatter, accuses him of sexually molesting their 5-month-old baby just months after their society wedding

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Diana Faith, the 24-year-old wife of popular nightlife king, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru, aka Lascatter, has accused him of sexually molesting their 5-month-old daughter.

The couple’s wedding on August 31, 2019, was the talk of the town and attracted numerous celebrities.

Wife of popular nightlife king, Lascatter, accuses him of sexually molesting their 5-month-old baby?just months after their society wedding

Only one year after, Diana Faith has called on the Lagos State Government, Inspector General of Police (IGP), and other relevant authorities to investigate her husband for a number of offences, including sexual molestation of their infant.

According to Guardian, Faith alleged that her estranged husband, raped their maid who is a minor and also molested their baby by putting his manhood in the baby’s mouth.

She added: “Since then, there have been constant threats to my life and that of my mother. I am calling on the Inspector General of Police to intervene in my case and not allow my life and that of my family to be wasted. He has refused to make himself available for investigation on allegations against him.”

Wife of popular nightlife king, Lascatter, accuses him of sexually molesting their 5-month-old baby?just months after their society wedding

Reports indicate that the legal counsel to the wife, Bamidele Ogundele, reported the case to the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) at Alausa, Ikeja and Temidayo was invited, but he didn’t honour the invitation.

According to DSVRT Coordinator, Tolulope Rodes-Vivour Adeniyi, he promised to come on the appointed date, July 27, 2020, but didn’t show up.

Mrs Tolulope Rodes-Vivour Adeniyi, said: “He initially promised to come on the appointed date, July 27, 2020. He didn’t come. When a call was put through to him, he responded that he wanted his lawyer to be there with him, but he did not show up.”

The publication adds that when a call was put through to the estranged husband for his reaction on the allegations of assault and battery, Kafaru refused to pick his calls. A message was sent to him via Whatsapp on the same contact, he responded that the case was pending before the Inspector General of Police’s table, adding that he would get justice on the matter.

Temidayo, through his counsel, Ebinmi Beredugo, filed a fundamental rights suit dated July 3, 2020 before the Lagos High Court, asking that the court stops the police from arresting him.


  1. is this man really a human being your own child,you are very wicked and heartless for doing that to your own child, not just that you are cheating on your wife and you still threatening her,may God have Mercy on you.

  2. Don’t worry my God we catch him, but don’t you notice all this bad mind and attitude before you got him married because this one is terrible oo. Because this man did not suppose to bee I kirikiri by now, my advice for you woman is to run for your life oo because like seriously he can kill you. He’s not a human being.

  3. OMG! If this is true,that man is very stupid man and police should investigate and find the truth. How could someone have beautiful wife like this and still go for 5 month baby. This is so crazy

  4. Why all these rubbish with the so called pastors behaving like this, how would a pastor be doing this to his daughter. I don’t it’s possible but nothing is not possible on this Earth anymore if we could see a father doing abortion with his daughter. NAPTIP should Wade in and find out the true story of it.

  5. Those who we ought to have taken anything that is not clear or ambiguous to are the one behaving like this what do we call this, though it’s a mere allegation until proven otherwise but it’s not proper to be alleging those people we call man of God with such allegation it’s ridiculous to them
    That’s we need to know God by ourselves without taking anybody special as our man of God.

  6. Women and Social Welfare Ministry should intervene to ensure Precious regain her full independence and rights. FFK should be sued to serve as a deterant to other so called big shuts in our society. Shameful FKK. At his age and so called civilization, he engages his wife in fighting, when his mates are in the rigs demonstrating their physical power with other men folk.

  7. is this woman sure of what she is saying because is no reason y a man will do that to 5months old baby that pls it should look into it

  8. This guy should go see a phsyciatric doctor if all these allegations leveled against him are true
    How and why should he do such things. Why should he put his manhood in his child’s mouth. Is he okay st all
    Let him go and answer the authorities calling him for investigation… why is he trying to evade justice
    He should be dealt with severely and accordingly if found guilty of these offenses his estranged wife is saying he committed

  9. If the allegations put towards in him are true, then he is no longer a human but a beast. What kind of father will sexually abuse a five months old baby?
    I also think he needs help. Is case his beyond ordinary.

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