A society where thugs are role models is bound to fail – Goodluck Jonathan

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Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has expressed that a society that makes thugs role models is bound to failure.

Speaking as a guest columnist on THISDAY, he expressed his sadness that in some places, miscreants are celebrated for the roles they play during elections.

The former President reiterated that only electronic voting can rid African societies of electoral malpractices and violence.

“I am also convinced that electronic voting will eliminate the worrisome issue of massive rigging and violence during elections because it will limit human presence during voting,” he said.

He went further to state that periodic election is not only the way to ensure democracy, saying there is “need for work on how to strengthen the pillars of democracy where they are weak, and enhance political stability across the continent.”


  1. Jonathan the peace maker, the only leader who said that no blood of anyone is worth spilling because of power
    You have said the truth. The problem of Nigeria is that they give too much kudos to riches without bordering how the wealth was accumulated
    Electronic voting should be the best to curtail rigging if they will agree but when on earth will we get there in a country where the power supply is almost zero

  2. Good talk from former president the person of good luck Jonathan, most of the politicians are celebrating miscreants as a role model because we have seen some hooligans in the national assembly fighting one another which is not suppose to be so. I could also remember one state that rewards miscreants with political post or appointment. Nigeria should change their ways of celebrating hooliganism.

  3. If Nigeria could be making use of electronic voting, it will go a long way in reform our politicians because most of them are getting to the post by making use of these hooligans people. For instance now, one state gave one of the miscreants post to celebrate his contribution to the last general election which is not good. May God help our leaders to change their attitudes and let them have mercy of the citizens in their minds.

  4. Thank you our formal President Dr Good-luck Ebele Jonathan we appreciate your efforts, you are just an Nigeria icon but we did not know but the time you are power, but now we are regretting our actions that we take during your tenure. We pray you come back one day because we already missed you.

  5. absolutely right , but they will fail to take any step towards this ,for they know the consequences behind electronic voting.

  6. true talk Nigeria we sell our vote and when the result is out we start complaining that the government is bad we are forget that we vote them in.

  7. Except we have people of integrity and honesty ruling us in this nation, electronics voting will never be adopted to prevent election rigging.
    We need purification in our political sector.

  8. The seed of Nigerias problem is finger pointing, the blame game. A leader leaves office and points at the incumbents faults forgetting that he was there once and he failed to address the same situation. It’s also very painful that the followership, has not learnt their lessons as well. They follow sheepishly, the same men, who have and are still improvishing the Nation under the guise of good governance. Instead of Nigerians to stand up and speak with one voice against corrupt leaders, we follow them shamefully, because they are from our various political, ethnic or geographical affiliations. Forgetting, that what affects one, affects all. What affects Nigeria, affects everyone irrespective of the tribal origin. The followership fighting each other will not solve anything but only strengthen selfish leaders who have no love whatsoever for this Glorious Nation. We need to begin to learn from our mistakes. The melee is not a tribal one, but a brawl against an organized corrupt system blatantly dehumanizing our hopes for a better future. We pray God help us.

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