Boko Haram are recruiting many of our Children – Gov. Zulum

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Governor Babagana Zulum has lamented that Boko Haram terrorists are recruiting youths in the state.

While receiving a committee of members of the House Of Representatives at his office in Maiduguri, Borno State capital, the governor made it known that the ugly new trend is a result of the high rate of unemployment and the continued stay of able-bodied people in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps.

“The only solution we have now is to ensure the safe return of our people to their homes in a dignified manner. If nothing is done believe me sincerely we shall face a very serious challenge even more than what we are facing now.

“This is because right now the insurgents are recruiting many of our children into the sect because of the increasing unemployment rate,” he said.

Zulum, however suggested that the solution to this problem is to shift from short term Humanitarian support to longer-term development and sustainable solution with the safe return of internally displaced persons to their communities.


  1. Nawa o, Northerners are the problem of themselves why not recruit vigilantees than recruiting more Boko Haram are these people richer than the government why cant they train the youths of their state for peace keeping

  2. This govenor zulum is the best governor because he always say the truth and stand on it without being fear of anybody, I could remember when he alleged those soldiers that they are the one responsible for the attacked and they can dispute that. Government should urgent do something about the internal displaced (IDP) people before bokoharam recruit them into their camp.

  3. Na wait this boko Haram people o, whatt i just want to contribute is to make the increasemeet of employee in the state may be if there are some job vacant in the state is much they may think twice before the join the terrorist group. Thank Babagana Zulum for the great reminder.

  4. Government of Nigeria nowadays didn’t bother about the welfare of her citizens not to talk of her youths. This suffering is much in Nigeria today, they should quickly swing into action by eradicate poverty, unemployment, insecurities and provide social amenities if they fulfill all these righteousness, Nigeria would be great again. Zulum is saying the bitter truth and government should look into it. May be they will also ask DSS to invite him later.

  5. really nd what u can do is to come here say it without doing anything about it but u call urself the chief security of the state is a shame

  6. What we see in the north is as a result of ignorance of their people. Illiteracy and religious ignorance is the reason the youths are being easily brainwashed and recruited into the Boko Haram.
    Let the government create a program that will encourage education of her indigenes. Educate your people, train them to get skill and make their lives better, then see if they will join Boko Haram

  7. Hmmmmm!!!! Wahala dey..o
    This is a story too hard to be told. There is nothing unemployment can not cause. It has been said that ‘ an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’
    The government should think inwards and look for the best ways to tackle this problem, by listening to this governor and find long term helps they can give to these youths and the internally displaced persons instead of all these short term support
    Now is the best time to act before water will pass garri

  8. The Government should do some thing ungent about life of rhose children under hands of boko.They should bring justice to justices.

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