If it will cost the blood of anybody for me to get into power, let God not give it to me – Obaseki

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Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki says he has made a covenant with God not to spill anybody’s blood in his quest for victory at the oncoming Edo State Governorship election.

He made this known in a statement titled, ‘My reelection not worth spilling of blood – Obaseki’ and signed by his Special Assistant on Media, Crusoe Osagie.

Godwin Obaseki says has asked God to let him lose Saturday’s governorship election “if it will cost the blood of anybody”.

“Election should not be one in which we shed blood because the election will always come. If you die in an election, you will not be there in the next one to vote. So, there is no need for violence.

“There is no need for any violence and if anybody decides to act in a violent manner just walk away because our lives are very precious. I have a covenant with God; if it will cost the blood of anybody for me to get into power, he should not let me have power,” the statement read in parts.


  1. It is now you are coming. This is the way politics should be played. What is power Shen compared to human blood. What is leadership when compared to someone’s blood. Blood is sacred and I don’t even know the type of a leader that someone who wins an election through violence will be
    Politicians should all tow the step Obaseki is towing now and if they do, we will be getting close to getting our democracy right
    I wish all the contestants success tomorrow, let the person the majority of the people voted win
    Goodluck all…. all we want is peace and progress

  2. If what you said is from the bottom of your heart, that’s good development may Almighty God let your wish come to pass. No blood of Nigerians Worthy of loosing because of the election.

  3. Nigerian politicians should not make use of during the election because if they do it might result in killing of people and no life is worth to lost during this time. It’s good if what you say is from your heart.

  4. That is how a good leader behaves. He is loved by people of the state but the Apc counterpart want to throw him out of power by force

  5. This man is just a wonderful man I just like him, is a very humble man, look at what he said now. God we look in to it and elect you back as a governor of Edo state.

  6. That is a quality of a good leader, I Hope this is coming out from the bottom of your heart, if its from your mind then don’t worry yourself, God will make you the winner because Edo people loves you very well

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