Wike fulfills promise, gives Police N30M for apprehending Bobosky

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Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state ha sfulfilled his promise to the men of the rivers state police force after they apprehended a notorious criminal suspect known as Bobosky.

Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Dr. Tammy Danagogo presented the N30 million cheque to Police Commissioner Joseph Mukan on behalf of the Governor in Port Harcourt yesterday September 17.

“Governor Wike will continue to stand by his words, as this is not the first time such redemption is occurring in the state. If we can recall when the governor made a promise over Don Wani, a criminal who disturbed the peace of ONELGA, all security agencies and citizenry were activated to capture him, and the pledge was also redeemed.

“I thank the police officers for the gallantry in arresting the criminals and I also thank the informants who cannot be mentioned here”, he said.

The Police Commissioner, Mukan thanked Wike for fulfilling his promise while recalling how the police had sleepless night and exhibited a high level of professionalism throughout the operation that led to the arrest of Bobosky.


  1. Thanks to Governor Wike for fulfilling his promise. Thanks to the Nigeria police for doing their job in arresting this bobosky
    The two parties have all done well
    Having said that, I will also be quick to say that this is a bad precedence in that the police must not fold their hands to do their duties which they are paid for by government to do unless an extra incentive is added
    The primary reason of the establishment of police force is to maintain law and order and to apprehend criminals where ever they are and that is why they are paid salaries
    They should not wait until someone says he or she will give them so so so and so before they move into action
    My thought though

  2. police did a great job.. They deserve the money but not up to N30million Is there responsibility, they don’t need to get bribe before doing this #saynotocultism

  3. That’s good of him for fulfilling his promise on this one, if someone does well we really need to commend him and I also commend the police for a job well done.

  4. If politicians could always fulfill their promises, Nigeria would have been a better place to live. He really do well for this one and police should also carry out their work diligently, kudos to them on this.

  5. The money given to police force of the state will only benefit the top ranking officers. The junior officers who worked tirelessly to apprehend the criminal may not receive a dime from the money.

  6. Thanks to the Nigeria police for putting all their efforts in arresting this criminal, and also the governor of rivers state for fulfilling his promise.

  7. Hmmmmm 30M only for apprehending Bobosky but the promises you made during your campaign non of them has been fulfilled o. Anyways that is good because that Bobosky really gave Rivers people tough time especially Ogoni people, I thank God he has been killed atleast there will be peace in that State.

  8. Kudos to River State Police for arresting the notorious assassin’s, bobosky, to save people of River State from bobosky. More great job from you ahead. And a big thanks goes to Governor wike for fulfilled his promise to River State Police. May God continue to bless you abundantly, may God give you strength to do more good job for people of River.

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