Without thugs, APC will be beaten silly in Edo – Governor Wike

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Governor Nyesom Wike has commented on the upcoming governorship election in Edo state. 

The Rivers state Governor in an interview on African Independent Television (AIT) on Thursday September 17, alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is hoping to win the election by manipulating the result. 

Wike who is also the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign council on Edo governorship election, stated that the APC “will be beaten silly in the governorship election” if there are no thugs spearheading electoral malpractices. 

He said; 

“The IG has said they will not give room to any thugs, to any miscreants, and it is our prayer that is done. If that is done, APC will be beaten silly in this election. If what IG said is carried out, you will see that APC will not near – the only hope they have is to manipulate the security agencies. 

“Remember what happened in my case and if you take the case of Rivers state, it was very clear, and the way I see APC going, the desperation is so much and the only hope APC has today is to use security agents, is to manipulate the process.

“Our own business is to let our people know, if you know the police are [compromised], we will not allow it. We want to believe in them but however, don’t slip, don’t slip, make sure you follow them bumper to bumper.

“Make sure you monitor what is happening. Let one policeman tell you that after they have declared results in this unit, that you cannot as an agent, follow that result to the collation centre. That is not correct.

“In some cases, you see security agents coming to even beat the agents of the opposition party. It is not something that anyone will come and tell me that you have assured me that nothing will happen.”

On governance in Edo state, Wike said; 

“Everybody knows, go to Edo, they don’t do publicity. They do their thing quietly. It may be different from ours.

“Last time I went to Ogbemudia stadium, it was nothing to write home about, but go and see Ogbemudia stadium today. He has built all the high courts, he showed me.”


  1. I didn’t dispute what you said but everyone of you (politicians) are using thugs not only APC including PDP because you didn’t do the right things when you are in power. You all believe in the mighty name of money that when elections are coming, you will spend to get you whatever you want. I will just implore everyone of you to do the will of citizens when you are in power in order to gain their conscience when you need them again.

  2. The IG of police has spoken but politicians are desperate, you people know very well that you are dangerous in achieving your aims and desire when it’s comes to election. Until you people take the election as simple as ABC and not do or die and let the will of people prevail till then we won’t have free and fair election in Nigeria. Except the one they did in 1993 their is no free and fair election again in Nigeria. Obaseki want to remain in power by fire by force and POI wants to clinch the post by all means, why won’t they cause chaos in this coming election in Edo state. The electorate should just because when they are casting their votes and not cause any trouble.

  3. That is the truth because they do without them. But also now all the party get political thugs but Apc get the federal power for now so they will do anything to win Edo even when adams Oshiomale is. Ack in the state

  4. All the politicians and political parties are guilty of this. We are still to get it right and until we get it right I don’t think we can hit our chest and say we are truly practicing democracy
    The Edo state is now left to decide who will be their governor, the politicians should stop heating the polity and stop endangering people’s lives
    Let the people choose their leader freely without thuggery and intimidation or rigging. This should be the way democracy is supposed to be

  5. Please the first person that I want you to beat let it be that mad man called Tinubu and oshiomole. Then after that, you can now face others. I support what wike said. APC can only manipulate the security. I know PDP will win Edo election.

  6. It’s for sure that every political party leader one way or the other will side their parties.
    I only pray and hope God’s will be done in Edo election.

  7. A Governor that is a Thug himself is accusing others of thuggery we know what you are doing , you are simply laying the foundation of excuses come latest Monday morning when INEC and Majority of Edo People confirms Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu as the winner of Edo Governorship elections

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