Aggrieved youth beat politician’s wife in Edo

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A woman said to be the wife of a leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Egor local government area (LGA) of Edo state, has been beaten up some youth.

The incident occurred on Saturday at the Tipper Garage polling centre in Egor while the voting exercise was in progress.

It was gathered that the youth clashed with the woman over allegations of plots to manipulate the governorship election.

It was further learnt that the woman resisted the youth, but she was eventually overpowered and slapped several times.

The woman, whose name was not given, was later taken to a medical centre, where she was attended to.

Credit: TheCable


  1. An feeling deeply sorry for her.she did server it…..its should go to do that protest, with is politican her husband.if the husband do wrong their should forgives them for sake of the woman condition.

  2. Naija I hail o. Corrupt country,but we hope he became better country. My naija people beat political wife,they pass there anger on the wife

  3. Mhhhhhh!!!! Mtchewww!!! We are still very much crude in this Africa especially Nigeria, in this 20th century, people are still trying to manipulate an election result and people are still fighting physically just to protect their votes
    This is so shameful and should be stopped
    I think the best solution to all these is to adopt fully the electronic system of voting that will reduce drastically the physical presence of voters at a place

  4. That’s good of her, why did she want to manipulate the election? It will serve as a lesson to those who have the act in there minds and I wish her quick recovery.

  5. Why do politicians always want to manipulate everything? Even if they have the capability of manipulate life they would do so. Thank God for not giving them the capability. All days for the theif, one for the owner. She should dance to the tune of the music by herself. Kudos to those youths.

  6. Nawa o APC all the time, anywhere they are they must smell God forbid bad thing, just imagine someone wife and someone’s mother. They were the people that promised Edo people that there will be no violence now see what they did to this woman.
    Wishing you quick recovery ma

  7. Make she thank God say she no die. That’s what they suppose to do for does people call there self APC. That one is enough for you. But God we give you strength and save your life.

  8. The eyes of the youths are open and they are ready to make their vote count. Any resistance is an enemy.
    I wish all youths can work to make their votes count rather than manipulating election results

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