Edo Election: Obaseki casts vote, expresses disappointment in INEC

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Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has finally cast his vote in the ongoing governorship election after staying in the queue for over one hour.

There was pandemonium at his polling unit, unit 19 ward 04 in Oredo local area when a fight broke out between party supporters.

The clash was resolved about five minutes later when the attacker was led away by security agents. The flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party finally cast his vote at 11:50 am with his wife.

After casting his vote, he spoke to newsmen and expressed his disappointment over the conduct of the ongoing governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission in the state.

He explained that he stayed in the queue for over an hour because the card reader was slow pointing out that he expected better from the electoral commission.


  1. The card reader is what INEC has been using for years now it’s high time we switch to Electronic voting to stop this voting delay

  2. You have started blame the umpire without wait for the outcome of the election, it’s a machine and anything may occur to it being it mechanical or other things. Therefore, wait for the outcome before knowing to do.

  3. Do you need a prophet to tell you that the result of the election had already been prepared and won by the APC. There was massive rigging before and now during the election bc they know they can not win a genuine election. They are a bunch of non-performers, hangers-on, thieves and bullion van merchants. God will punish them all. Inec is a shame, a collaborator in crime

  4. Oga governor cast your vote and your work speak for you, once there is no any election malpractices the inec good to go but if there is that means something is fishing somewhere. I hope inec will do justice to all the parties not only APC and PDP.

  5. After Casting His Vote, He Spoke To Newsmen And Expressed His Disappointment Over The Conduct Of The Ongoing Governorship Election Without a good reason.

  6. That’s Nigeria for you, staying there we never bring anything, even if stay from morning till night it will never yield to anything. APC government is using hardship on the citizen, by the grace of God you will surely be happy at the end of the election. What a humble man.

  7. But las las you later cast your vote because that’s the most important thing. I thank God that the fight was settled according to you. By the grace of God victory is yours. Then why are you disappointed with INEC, that the card reader is slow does not mean its their fault

  8. Ohhh!!! my God
    When are we going to get it right in this country,
    Why is Africa dragging the rest of the world backwards
    Upon the whole money that is vested on INEC, still they can’t deliver. It is a great pity
    Up till now people are still fighting to elect a leader, what a shame
    When you elect someone through this chaotic process, what type of leader will that individual be
    Let us all learn how to behave well and stop behaving like animals in the bush

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