Uzodinma signs new law that allows him arrest and detain residents at his pleasure

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Imo State governor, Hope Uzodinma, has signed into law the Imo State Administration Of Criminal Justice Law No 2 of 2020 (ISACJL, 2020), which empowers him to arrest and detain any resident of the state for as long as he wishes.

According to this law, any person detained on the orders of Uzodinma can only be released when he grants a license to the said individual. Section 484 of the Law provides: “Where any person is ordered to be detained during the Governor’s pleasure he shall notwithstanding anything in this Law or in any other written law contained be liable to be detained in such place and under such conditions as the Governor may direct and whilst so detained shall be deemed to be in legal custody”.

Controversies have trailed the legality or otherwise of the provisions relating to “pleasure”, permitting the State Governor to detain suspects at his pleasure. In addition, the Law abolished all forms of preliminary inquiry or preliminary investigation into a criminal charge by a magistrate or any court in the state and replaced them with preparation of proof of evidence.

Section 485 of the ISACJL, 2020 provides: (1) A person detained during the Governor’s pleasure may at any time be discharged by the Governor on license which said license may be in such form and in such conditions as the governor may direct under section 485(2).

(2) A license under subsection (1) of this section may be in such form and may contain such conditions as the Governor may direct. (3) A license under this section may at anytime be revoked or varied by the Governor and where license has been revoked the person to whom the license relates shall proceed to such place as the Governor may direct and if he fails to do so, may be arrested without warrant and taken to such place.

By the above provision, it means the Governor can detain a suspect at will and direct the custody in which such a person is to be kept. Policy analysts have condemned the law, stating that it sets a bad precedence and contradicts the constitution of the Federal Republic.


  1. So, those state assembly also supported this kind of law which is detrimental to the masses. I have been saying it right from the onset that those leaders do not have the love of the masses in their hearts, how would he signed that kind of law. Can someone also detain his children without any trial, I just want the politicians to be fair to the masses.

  2. Those leaders are just taking fool of masses, how can someone says he is free to arrest, detain and release citizens without any trial that sounds ridiculous. Non governmental organization should Wade in into this issue and they shouldn’t allow this law to stand.

  3. Can you imagine this our over night Governor o telling the Imolites not to touch any fulani they live everywhere in the state. I know you are a servant to the Fulani masters…. You are doing the assignment given to you by them, i knw you are on a mission to run their mandate but God will not allow you accomplish your plans in Imo State

  4. the Law abolished all forms of preliminary inquiry or preliminary investigation into a criminal charge by a magistrate or any court in the state.let law protect the citizen not only arrest at your pleasure.

  5. Note✍️ Mr Hope Uzodinma as a Governor of the state. You may be the first person to enter the trap that you are trying to trap down, because I don’t say anybody o but as for me I know the reason why you do that. But do the right thing.

  6. this is what u get when u allow an evil man to rule ur state arresting and detaining innocent people well IMO show face him since they supported him to win

  7. Supreme Court governor has just guff again. Why is it that everything about him is abnormal. He has been hypothesized by APC dictatorship and tyrant administration system. His downfall will be very embarrassing.

  8. This is an obnoxious law. It sounds ridiculous and should be unacceptable
    With this law, the governor might use it to intimidate perceived opponents at will
    I do not support it and the people of Imo state should reject it in its entirety
    Let us always listen well most times to what we say before saying it please and ask ourself if this thing we are saying is worth hearing

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