Sunday Bless Your Friend Giveaway

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We apologize for our website being down yesterday. The issue has been fixed. On Sunday, we will be having a Giveaway known as Sunday Funday.

You will nominate one (1) friend. The first person whose friend comments on at least 5 posts daily from Sunday to Wednesday will get N1500, while your friend gets N1000. So start thinking about your good friends that can help you win. Details on Sunday.


  1. First of all I thank God Almighty that you are back on your website. I tried so many times to log into the website and it was talking what I couldn’t understand. I screenshoted what it was poping up and wanted to send it to you unto today, it came up
    Glory be to God Almighty you are back on track
    God bless you real Good

  2. Thank God you are back again, I was frustrated yesterday try to Acess your site. I need more explanation on this giveaway I don’t understand it

  3. I am happy that the problem has been solved, i was scared when i tried logging in and it wasn’t opening I was like Jesus what did I press in my phone, fear catch me o I no go lie. But thank God you people are back with full force. So the giveaway issue am happy for this site but have not really understand how it will be done. Please clear me

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