Statement from Femi Fani-Kayode’s 1st wife

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Read the press statement from former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode’s wife

”Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is my husband. We got married under traditional law and custom in Accra, Ghana in 1997 and we got married under the Marriage Act at the Apapa Registry office in Lagos, Nigeria in 2002. 

We have a beautiful daughter called Oluwaremilekun and both she and I are very proud of him. He has been a wonderful father and caring husband and he has never subjected me to any form of domestic abuse or treated me badly. 

Anyone that knows Femi well knows that his greatest weakness are those he loves and he will do anything for them. 

He is a warm, kind, generous, gentle, intelligent and loving man who is not afraid of anything or anyone and who takes care of his own. From the very beginning of his relationship with Precious he told me about it and I accepted it in good faith. 

Reports in the media that we are divorced are fake and suggestions that I was treated in a bad way by him or subjected to any form of abuse at any time in the 23 years that we have been married are malicious and false.”


  1. What God has joined together let know one be asunder. Don’t destroy there relationship with your bad rumore. You shall leave long the couple, everlasting relationship.

  2. That’s good of him, that is what should be expecting from a good husband. If a wife can not boast of her husband in all ramifications is uncalled for. Though, he may have his lapses but once he is carrying out his responsibilities 95%, kudos to that husband. Kudos to femi fani kayode.

  3. I think as you said about the femi fani kayode, he really what to be called husband. Once a husband always is carrying out his duties and responsibilities, he needs to be respected. I will just implore every man to make sure that always play their role as husband, may Almighty God help us.

  4. How many women will this man marry and part ways with. Even the verbal assault on the poor journalist, before TV cameras, is more than enough proof of his uncontrollable violent disposition. Only his many divorced ex-wives can tell what they endured in the violent hands and acidic tongue of FFK.

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