”In life, you win some, you lose some”- Oshiomole breaks his silence after Edo governorship election

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Former APC National chairman, Adams Oshiomole has broken his silence after his preferred candidate in the Edo state governorship election, Osagie Ize-Iyamu of APC lost to the incumbent governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki.

Oshiomole who was in a running battle with Governor Obaseki, worked hard for the governor to be removed from office and replaced with Pastor Ize-Iyamu. However, after the election, Obaseki was declared the winner of the election.

In a video, he shot while in his gym, Oshiomole stated that in life, you win some and lose some. He added that he is not in any way feeling down over the outcome of the election. 

You know in life, you work hard and leave God for the outcome. You do your best and trust God to bless your effort.

I feel good. I feel healthy. I thank God. I feel strong, I thank God.

In life, you win some and you lose some but life goes on. 

I want to thank everybody. I am sure a lot of people think that Comrade must be down. When God says you are not down, you are not down and I am not down.” he said

Speaking further, he said 

”I ask our people to have faith in our country. They cannot have another country. I have only one passport. I am not about to have any other passport. This is our country. We must make it great. We must strengthen democracy, we must improve on it. 

No matter the outcome of an election, have faith in God and have faith in our country”


  1. Like a word on a page that you’ve printed and read a million times, that suddenly looks strange or wrong, foreign. And you feel scared for a second, like you’ve lost something, even if you’re not sure what it is.you can till make a good ruler one day

  2. You must be very mad oshiomole, every human being can not be like you. I look at every time like a goat. You think people of Edo did not know what they are doing? They know you are a bid full and leir. You are not responsible at all. I plead to obaseki should not have mercy at you at all. You this ingreat.

  3. Good one from the comrade, life is a teacher The more you is the more you learn, I hope in one way or the other you have learnt a lesson from the outcome of this election. Never say never, it’s only God have the power to do and undo, it’s only God that is alpha and Omega.

  4. Such is life, you can be a winner forever, I could remember vividly when saraki loses his seat, some rejoice while some sad. Therefore, wherever you found yourself always be thankful to him because what you don’t have today you may have it tomorrow, life is a continuum once there is life. Cheer up and move on with your life.

  5. They have broken osho baba’s legs and we all know that. Pride they say goes before fall. He was trying to make himself a mini- god in Edo state even in the whole federation
    Thank God his preferred candidate did not win because the way he talks even make people annoyed
    Well thank God he is not down emotionally as he has claimed he is not
    Ad he has rightly stated, one wins this and looses that, no one wins all and in every contest such as this, there must be a winner and there must be a looser
    The main thing is that when the result of a contest is out, life goes on

  6. Is that the congratulations you are told to say.. God bless you I love your speech keep it up, now you know how the game plan is..the grace was meant for obaseki

  7. Did you suddenly realise this after the election. Few days before the election, you called Obaseki a lizard, and you a lion. Now that lizard has defeated a lion, you now know that, you win some, you lose some. Oshio, tell me, who is now greater. Mr, man, I beg hide your face in shame.

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