The best way to punish a man is to reject his money – Actress, Onyi Alex

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Nigerian actress, Onyi Alex has shared some tips to her female fans on how they can punish their men.

Taking to Instagram to share a drool-worthy shot of herself sporting jeans, black sheer lace and a cream jacket, she expressed that the best way to punish a man is to reject his money.

She wrote;

The best way to punish your man is to reject his money! Ladies am I communicating or increase volume??????”


  1. I am not a lady so I can not really comprehend. How many ladies can mop up the courage to reject a man’s money when what most of them want is that money
    Well she has given her advice and it now depends on who ever that wants to heed to the advice to take it
    May be out of experience, she is saying this. I wouldn’t know why and who she has tried it on and it worked that she is asking the ladies if she should increase the volume

  2. Objection to that always think thoughts that are productive and positive. For the Law of Attraction possesses your key to either endless misery and woe or to an abundance you never knew could be achievable.So not reject his money that will punish a man.

  3. You too that you are talking about the rejection of men’s money. Did you reject men’s money before getting to where you are today? Once you have achieved your aims, you are now asking them to reject the money being giving to them, it depends Sha.

  4. It’s good one to reject men’s money but It depends on how on the person belongs to you. You can reject it if it doesn’t what to accept it. But you may accept it if the man is your person you must accept it.

  5. not all men, let me use my self as an example I have issues with my date and she refuse to touch my money I will never beg her to instead she will be the one begging for the money.

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