We want our own country – Yoruba Leader, Akintoye

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The leader of Yoruba ethnic group, Professor Banji Akintoye has said that Yoruba ethnic group is in dire need of its own country out of the present Nigeria

Akintoye said that over 55 million people of Yoruba extraction, will get their freedom without breaking the law of the country or shedding blood.

The renowned historian made these declarations during the celebration of Kiriji war held in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Wednesday.

“We have been saying we will have a Yoruba nation of our own. Yoruba World Congress is committed to helping Yoruba nation to secure its position in the comity of nations.

“They do say I don’t compromise. It is not every time. But once we say, we will take a common stance, I don’t know how to betray. We will get Yoruba nation free without violence, we will not break the laws of Nigeria. If there is anyone who wants to be violent, we will tell them, no.

“If you are violent and there are dead bodies on the streets, you are circumventing our purpose. We are telling the world that we want our own country. We have the rights to demand for our rights. When we launched Amotekun, was there any arrest, violence? If you want to stage a rally, do so. It’s your rights but no violence.

“I have passion for the youths. If you don’t have people who can take after you, no matter the amount of wealth you have it’s nothing. These youths are important. We elders can only guide and lead you. We can write letters but it is you who will do it. It must succeed. Anybody saying contrary, I’m not part of that idea.

“In the past of 30 and 40 years ago, the youths have not been the same again. I graduated from the University College Ibadan in the morning and by evening my wife and I were employed. I can’t do the things I’m doing now if I don’t have the youths around me.

“We are hurting our future in a very vicious way. Yoruba are 55 million, 74 percent are 40 years and. Step forward and. They have the authority of the land to say you can’t do it. Go back home. No violence. Go to market places, mechanic workshop, farmers on their way to the farms. If you can do this, getting our resolve done will not be difficult.”


  1. The Amount Of Wealth You Have It’s Nothing. These Youths Are Important. We Elders Can Only Guide And Lead You. We Can Write Letters But It Is You Who Will Do It. It Must Succeed. Anybody Saying Contrary, To your desire about the country.

  2. Look at how our leaders spoilt this country, you graduated in the morning and you and your wife were employed on the same day. Can we still get to that kind of treatment, absolutely no. Those leaders that are in the position now do not want us (youths) to excel which is so bad. If they can review our constitution in a way that will favor masses, it will be an advantage to us i.e regions should be taking care of their resources.

  3. Stop disturbing our peace and go and sleep… It’s not something you can do with just a mere talk and to divide Nigeria will be very tough

  4. Nigeria of today we do not have selfless leaders anymore, those ones that we have are selfish, corrupt and greediness leaders and politicians. They don’t even want us to go to school not to talk of becoming something in life, if the division is what we bring peace and harmony we should part our ways. What belongs to everyone only one person will pack and be telling us different lies, something urgent should be done about the unemployment rate racketting the youths and other abnormalities that we are facing in the country.

  5. Abeg any body or Tribe that wants to stay on their own should be allowed o, because the way Nigeria is now no body knows where it is heading to, so for that reason no blame Yoruba people if they want to stay on their own or even Biafra that wants to stay on their own. Because the thing is becoming obvious in a country one particular tribe are heading almost all the sectors and post, as if other tribes came for holiday in this country

  6. To me I feel that every one in this world should have the right to choose where he or she wants to belong as far as he/she is not doing it through a violent process
    If the Yorubas want to have their own country as the Igbos want too, let it be done peacefully

  7. what If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.I don’t really see any reason for that.

  8. I think you almost right, but my question is ….please who is going to be our leader…? Is lst does people that suppose to be our leader are the leader of corruption. Anyway if its that… Im pleased with it.. May god lead us.

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