CAMA will aid our fight against corruption – Buhari insists

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President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) which he signed into law on August 7 will aid in the fight against corruption.

Recall that some religious leaders have protested against CAMA which they claim subjects churches to the same laws as companies.

Reacting to the controversy that trailed the new law while speaking at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) 2020 virtual leaders’ summit on the sidelines of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Buhari insisted that it will enhance transparency and corporate accountability in the fight against corruption.

He said; 

“International and domestic perceptions regarding Nigeria’s commitment to fight corruption and foster good governance”.

”Since the inception of our Administration in 2015, the Government has been committed to changing international and domestic perceptions regarding Nigeria’s commitment to fight corruption and foster good governance. 

”We focused on the task of dealing head-on with this destructive monster, which led to us joining the Open Government Partnership and making reform commitments such as to establish a public central register of beneficial owners of corporate entities.

”Since then, we have made significant progress in implementing tougher anti-corruption measures, including my recent assent to the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020.

”The Act provides a legal framework for the implementation of Beneficial Ownership Information Disclosure in Nigeria.

”Being an OGP member-country has helped Nigeria learn from other countries tackling similar challenges, and to build a coalition to support these reforms across the private sector and civil society. It has also aided our journey towards building citizens’ trust in government.”


  1. Which He Signed Into Law On August 7 Will Aid In The Fight Against Corruption.
    So help to bring justice to country.
    Recall That Some Religious Leaders Have Protested Against CAMA Which They Claim Subjects Churches To The Same Laws As Companies with is wrong.

  2. You said CAMA law will aid transparency and accountability in fighting against insurgency. Are you transparent and accountable in your dealings? There are so many things that you are doing and not telling us how you do it because you don’t want us to know. For instance, anti corruption that you hold on to: how much have you collected? Name those you collected the money from etc. You didn’t answer any one, then what are you saying about CAMA law.

  3. Though, you have append your signature on this CAMA law, why don’t you engage the religious leaders first? When you are talking about transparency. Government should always lead by example by exhibit transparency and accountability in their dealings.

  4. President Muhammadu Buhari is a deaf and dumb, I’m even tired of commenting on Buhari issue, but I know God we spare us from his hardship and bad administration.

  5. That is true but it will bring religious institutions into checks and balances and also control them if they do any bad things in relation to the country rule of law

  6. if cama will help to fight corruption then am in support of it,but will are facing a lot now in this country hunger,jobless etc and nothing as been done.

  7. useless CURSED Buhari; you can’t fight the corruption eating on your leprous eyes, but wants to fight corruption in the church of God…

  8. This is good to know
    We are folding our hands watching them all as events unfold
    This country sef, I don’t understand why nothing works well here

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