DJ Cuppy shares opinion on pant washing for partners after BBNaija’s Neo was seen washing Vee’s pants

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Neo washing his love interest Vee’s pants on the BBNaija reality show has started a conversation across various social media platforms and DJ Cuppy has weighed in.

“Pant” is the number 1 trending topic amongst Nigerians on Twitter as some mocked Neo for washing a woman’s underwear while others asked what is wrong in a man washing a woman’s underwear when women do that for their men all the time.

DJ Cuppy weighs in on the pant washing conversation after BBNaija

Reacting to the pant washing debate, DJ Cuppy wrote: “Please EVERY person should wash their OWN pant themselves! #FreeCuppy”

DJ Cuppy weighs in on the pant washing conversation after BBNaija

A number of men reacted, expressing their willingness to wash Cuppy’s underwear.

See below.

DJ Cuppy weighs in on the pant washing conversation after BBNaija


  1. Is not realy bad washing woman underwear but among the couple themselves, but posting on media is another case entirely. So washing Vee pant mean nothing.

  2. If you like you can wash more than pants, there is no moral in the BBNAIJA, then what what do you expect from this immoral act.

  3. Washing pants in the national TV, this is an uncalled for, though, I’m not watching the BBNAIJA and I’m not a fan of it. I can’t say anything about it.

  4. No one is barred from doing things for the other if the need arises but it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the action taken
    If your partner is ill or incapacitated due to one reason or the other, or is very busy on activities that will bring a common progress for the family, the other who is less busy or disposed can help
    In doing some certain things for the two. Life goes on
    But this is Africa where some certain things are seen as aborminations. A man washing clothes for her female partner is seen as an aborminable act not talking of washing the female partner’s pant
    It looks absurd especially when the lady you are doing that for is theee doing nothing and is just subjecting you to that to humiliate you

  5. Some people are just crazy, I cant wash any woman pant not matter what, but I can do that for my wife if she is not feeling fine

  6. That’s my concern here on this bb najia. Pants washing how does this educated our people and our viewers? It’s so difficult for most guys here to wash there mums pant at home. Here they are washing it all in the name of winning the hugs sum. Guys take it easy. You can make money out of this program if you have the right thinking.

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