My husband washes my pants and its okay – Anita Joseph

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Anita Joseph Olagunju and her husband have reacted to the pant washing conversation raised after BBNaija’s Neo was seen washing his love interest, Vee’s panties.

In a video, Anita Joseph explained that her husband Michael Fisayo Olagunju, aka MC Fish, washes her panties all the time and there’s nothing wrong with it.

She added that if a man can perform cunnilingus on a woman then washing her underwear is no big deal. She mentioned that most of those saying they can never wash a woman’s underwear are the ones who engage in cunnilingus the most. Her husband, who was in the background, agreed with all she was saying.


  1. Hear your statement, “your husband washe your pants.” The person or those people in question are they husband and wife? Always understand the expression before uttering a statements or comments

  2. Mind you, husband can do anything for his wife and wife can go to any length because her husband, but both of them are on the national TV and they met there and have not been join together by anybody. Therefore, you don’t need to mingle things together.

  3. I Mercy for this man. Your wife has sealed you up
    I am not against you washing your wife’s panties, if you like wash them in hundreds but what I am against is you bringing the story to public domain
    Must you people say everything on the internet?? This is quite unfair and unethical
    Ad far as we are in a free world m, every one has the right to live his or her life as he/she wants it as far as it is not in any way detrimental to others

  4. That’s your husband for you. I think is possible at times for a man washing his wife pants or underwear, it depends how the relationship is solid between them. So if a husband is washing his wife pants is not big deal.

  5. This is off point. You are talking of your husband washing your pants in which there is nothing wrong with it. But washing the pant of a lady you haven’t married is foolish.
    Neo and vee aren’t married

  6. Na wa ohh, learn to keep some kind of story as secret, not everything you bring to public…not wrong if he wash your pants, because he normally shift it..

  7. I support you my sister, Me too I am OK with it because there is no much deal nah. If you can bang your wife then everything that concerns there too is your responsibility, all those men saying that they cannot wash their wife’s panties then they should stop banging them and stop seeing her nakedness, simple and short.

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