No woman will ever submit to a bully who thinks his wife owes him submission- Betty Irabor

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Publisher and philanthropist, Betty Irabor has shared her thoughts on submission in marriages.

In a tweet she shared via her Twitter handle, she made it known that submitting to a man who holds his masculinity at high esteem and still cares about his woman comes naturally.

She further added that no woman will ever submit to a bully husband who thinks his wife owes him submission.

She wrote:

“I have read a lot about “wives submitting to their husbands” and the counter arguments..Truth is, submitting to a “na man u bi” kind of guy; who cares for u & also “submits” to u comes naturally. No woman will ever SUBMIT to a bully who thinks his wife OWES him submission.


  1. A Man Who Holds His Masculinity At High Esteem And Still Cares About His Woman Comes Naturally base fact that if the loves is still there.

  2. Marriage is not slavery, you owe one another respects because there is adage which says respect is reciprocal. Husband and wife needs to respect one another not all the time that your wife must respect you. But wife must not look down on her husband no matter the case may be.

  3. I don’t think a man can earn respect from bullying his wife, even Almighty God does not ask to be bullying our wife, he asks husband to even respect the husband, but wife should not take her husband for granted and look down on him because of one reason or the other. Both should respect one another.

  4. True talk my sister. Any man that shows his masculinity on a woman is a weak man
    The man does not even deserve any submission from his wife

  5. Why marry a bully in the first place? Every woman should be sensitive to some habits on their lover while they are courting, closing your eyes to this habit will bring hell in the marriage.

  6. So also no man will want to live with a woman who doesn’t see him as the head but rather think they are equal and have no respect for him.

  7. You might be wright dear but it is the duty of the wife to be submissive to the husband no matter what Bully or no bully. the bible even said it that the wife should be submissive to the husband, although some men are very annoying in the aspect of in every small argument the first thing you will hear them vomit is don’t you know that am the man of the house, if you check well nothing concern being man of the house in that argument o. That their statement do piss me off gosshhh.

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