Stop assuming every married man is rich — Music executive Soberekon tells side chicks

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Music Executive, Soso Soberekon has shared a very important nugget, this time it is addressed to side chicks.

In a post on Instagram, Soberekon stated that side chicks should stop assuming all married men are rich when in reality some rely on their wives to fund their lifestyle.

He wrote:

“Dear side chicks, STOP assuming every married man is RICH. Some of them are being FED and CLOTHED by THEIR wives.


  1. It can’t be possible, every married man can’t be rich,many sustain there self with there wife earning money,so I think You’re saying the truth

  2. It’s not even good to for married men to have a side chick, if at all possible those ladies should be careful not be expecting or assuming that every married men is Rich. Those ladies should desist from that acts and look for a single men to marry.

  3. This issue of side chicks or whatever they call them has crippled into our society and is almost becoming institutionalized.
    Any lady be her side chick or whatever feeling that all married men are the ones that are rich and catering for their household is making a serious mistake of her life
    Most married men are sponsored by their wives as Executive soberekon has rightly said
    They should take note

  4. What is the meaning of side chicks? They are in need of money and they are not ready for marriage, once they are able to get what they are in need. It’s ok by them.

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