Too much humility can destroy you – Chika Ike

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Popular Nigerian Actress, Chika Ike says too much humility is self-destructive.

In a post she shared on her Insta-story, she advised people that it is great to be humble, but that they should know when to switch it up. According to her, people take your humility for foolishness or timidity and too much of it can destroy you.

Humility is great; it’s a core value everyone should have. But you must know when and where to switch it up. Because some people in these streets will take your humility for foolishness or timidity. Too much humility is self-destructive, she wrote


  1. Really for idea is that if you show or prove it to wrong that does not derver it will be assulted.Any do harm to you status in life.

  2. Yes this is true. Too much of everything is bad not only even too much of humility
    Everything should be moderately done in a way that no one will see you as a fool and now take you for granted
    You can sometimes switch to another lifecsi that people around will know you can change..o

  3. Humility pays and it’s it could repair so many things in life. But many people takes that humility for granted if care is not taking but notwithstanding, people should learn how to be humble.

  4. Everything Should Be Moderately Done In A Way That No One Will See You As A Fool And Now Take You For Granted
    You Can Sometimes Switch To Another Lifecsi That People Around Will Know You Can Change

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