Don’t introduce your ‘important’ people to just anyone – Actress, Lilian Esoro

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Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro has shared an interesting note on introducing important people in one’s life to friends.

In a post she shared on her Instastory she stated that one shouldn’t introduce important people in their lives to just anyone.

According to her, some people can ruin friendship one took years to build and one can’t tell people to “unknow” themselves once an introduction is made.

See her post below:

Don't introduce your 'important' people to just anyone - Actress, Lilian Esoro 4


  1. That’s truth in what is going on in this life, presently life that everyone is living now is full of deceit. We should be mindful of who will associate ourselves with also.

  2. Nowadays there are many friends in camelion that do not love you to the core, some are just loving you with what they are gaining from you. One needs to be careful of whom he associates with.

  3. Show me your friends and I will know who you are. There are so many friends who like you but to the extent of fortunate, there are some also who loves you unconditionally. However, someone should wary of those who you association yourself with.

  4. Yes most people are backstabbers and once they get to know your friends, boom!!!! thry scatter the relationship
    From back, they start to go to take over saying all sorts of nonsense about you, they even go up to the extent of fabricating lies
    That is why it is not good to introduce any important person/persons in your life Toma third person to avoid ‘had I known

  5. These are confirmed relationship breakers, they don’t like to see people together instead they put asunder and take over
    Ladies are the most guilty of this attitude

  6. It’s a matter of trust and people you walk with. If you don’t associate with people you don’t trust, then you shouldn’t have such fear.

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