Edo Organised Labour rejects Strike Suspension by National Labour Leadership

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The Edo State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has rejected the decision of the national leaders of the union to suspend the nationwide strike.

Earlier today the labour union suspended the scheduled nationwide strike after reaching an agreement with the federal government.

Reacting to this development, Labour leaders and members of the civil society in Edo State rejected the decision.

The Chairman of the NLC in Edo State, Sunny Osayande, and Trade Union Congress (TUC) counterpart, Marshall Ohue, the labour members occupied the Kingsquare Arena in Benin City the state capital in protest.

According to the displeased labour members, the decision to suspend the planned strike action was hurriedly taken by the national leaders without consultation with the National Executive Council (NEC) members and key stakeholders across the country.

Speaking to newsmen, Osayande stated that the move by the national leaders weakens the union.


  1. Such is life, it’s God that can not disappoint anyone but human confidence is a vanity, always we should be expecting much from Almighty not from human being.

  2. Nigeria and their problems. Everywhere confusion, everywhere scatter scatter. Even Labour that is answering ‘organized’ in quote is also disorganized
    The national is saying one thing, the state is saying another.
    Who is going to bail this rat from the cat
    Most times, I wonder who bewitched Nigerians

  3. Not only Edo NLC was disappointed in national NLC but Nigeria citizens also. It’s only masses could rescue themselves without that government will always continue to implement anti masses policy.

  4. Most of our leaders are selfishness, the labour hurriedly taken that decision instead of waiting for the federal government to implement the succur that they have for the masses and those remaining governor that have not paid the minimum wage to do so.

  5. Their name is ‘organized labour’ but in reality they are ‘disorganized’
    While the national level is saying this, the state level is saying that
    Who did this to Nigeria
    God save us.

  6. The strike suppose happen today. reaching an agreement with the federal government is absolutely wrong. Thins that we want federal government to drop the price has not yet done, why suspended the strike?

  7. Look at the reaction NLC of Edo State chapter react…it means the national NLC did not do well. The strike suppose take on today, you shouldn’t have teaching any agreement with federal government. Anyway we just want our petrol and electricity to come back to normal price.

  8. Their name is ‘organized labour’ but in reality they are ‘disorganized’
    While the national level is saying this, the state level is saying that
    Who did this to Nigeria
    God save us…o

  9. A shame of a country, a whole organized labour union is saying this? The head is on another chapter, the branches are on another chapter
    This has exposed how disorganized this so called labor union is
    It is a pity

  10. Not Only Edo NLC Was Disappointed In National NLC But Nigeria Citizens Also. It’s Only Masses Could Rescue Themselves Without That Government Will Always Continue To Implement Anti Masses Policy.

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