I have been wearing the same shoes for the last 12 weeks, there is just no point dressing to kill same souls Jesus told you to save- Leke Adeboye (Photo)

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Leke Adeboye, son of clergyman and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye has shared some fashion advice to Christians.

In a post he shared on Instagram on sunday, he said he has been wearing same shoes for 12 weeks as there is no point dressing to kill the same souls Jesus told you to save

He wrote:

“Lockdown made me realise, I really don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I have been wearing the same shoes for the last 12 weeks (special occasions Sundays). I’m just grateful I have legs to wear shoes. If anyone is not happy about my same shoes. Wait until I’m wearing just the same outfits. There is just no point dressing to kill the same souls JESUS is told you to go save!

Remain Safe and most importantly remain Saved! Happy Sunday again.

I have been wearing the same shoes for the last 12 weeks, there is just no point dressing to kill same souls Jesus told you to save- Leke Adeboye (Photo) 4


  1. u re right my brother u have nothing to prov to anybody who ever that don’t like it should wait to see u put them on everyday

  2. Wearing a shoe for a week or a year doesn’t stop you from carrying out the gospel of God, what matter most is many souls were you able to gain back in Godly way with your gospel. Worldly things doesn’t matter most.

  3. Even God did not ask us to to kill anyone unless specified by God. Wearing a shoe for 12 weeks doesn’t mean you don’t have money to get or procure more than that but you just decided not to do otherwise. Just make sure that you make many people happy to the best of your capacity.

  4. “There Is Just No Point Dressing To Kill The Same Souls JESUS Is Told You To Go Save soul. ” Yes of course I don’t see any point in killing souls that God asked you to save. Just make sure you spread the words of God and save souls, what God has for everyone who pronounces his word is more than wordly things.

    1. How is that our concern, we have a lots of people wearing one shoe for more than a year, if it please you to wear it is ok, that does not mean anything to the holy spirit

  5. Nice advice brother but wearing one shoe or cloth for ten years is never the issue since someone might be dressing like that and still be very bad in the mind

  6. I understand the angle you are coming from. When someone is so much interested in dresses just to show off and make other people look inferior it is not good
    Wearing one shoe and dress for so many weeks shows how humble you are, as far as you keep them clean and decent

  7. You are right Sir, but the idea of wearing same 👞 👞 for complete 12weeks thats 3months o, I don’t think that is how to prove that you are saving souls that God created abeg. There are many ways to save soul at least you could have given them some cash to those that needs cash, some people need food items you give to them so sir by that you have saved a soul. So Wearing same shoes for 12weeks does not show your saving a soul.

  8. We need to understand what this young man mean first, he said “the same shoes” and not “one shoe” these are entirely two different statements. You may have 100 pairs of the same shoes.

  9. How fashion sense is killing the world. The purpose for dressing is to cover our nakedness and look good/modest. Dressing to kill is a wrong motive that awaits God’s judgement.

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