Nigerian artist accuses PH police of brutality, says he might go blind on his right eye

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A Nigerian artist, Arinze Stanley has accused the police officers in Porthacourt of brutality.

In a tweet he shared via his twitter handle, he said his first day in Porthacourt, on the 26th of September was the same day he was beaten by some police officers. He said he stands the risk of getting blind on his right eye.

Stanley said he brought the incident to Twitter because he has reported to the police but they are allegedly trying to protect the officer who he claims assaulted him.

“As I type this with my left eye that has only begun to function, the police man that did this hasnt been arrested.. His colleagues who were with him have refused to give out his identity. The area command that I went to report this case has done absolutely nothing!, he wrote


  1. The biggest lie in Nigeria is police is your friend. Naija police don’t know there work,all they know is collecting bribe

  2. Thats Nigeria police for you, Nigeria police is not our friends there enemy to us I the country. They suppose to have identify the officer if there truly our friend.

  3. Police in this country is not useful in anyway, police that suppose to protect the country there are the one been into terrorist, do the proper follow up to get the officer because he must not fo free.

  4. Police always say they are our friends but reverse is the case in our country, they (police) always belief that they have the power to do anything without being asked, it’s unfair of our Police to be doing this to its citizens.

  5. Why our Police behaving like small god? If civilians resist any attempt by the police officer to subdued them that’s when they will start mishandling people for the crime they didn’t commit. Our Police inspector general should quickly look into this and take drastic step.

  6. That’s how police use to do when they know that we are harmless. Even they have killed some innocent souls on the issue of arguing with one another. What causes the DPO to investigate this issue and brought the culprit to book. There is a lot of Injustice in this country. May Almighty God help us.

  7. That is the type of system we find ourselves in
    A country where the police is always brutalizing the people they are meant to protect
    This officer must be arrested, for his actions
    They always like to mollest innocent citizens

  8. There is no type of bad story you will not hear in this country
    The police who always tell us that they are our friends are still the people that will brutalize us
    Every now and then they act in a manner as if the innocent masses are in enemity with them
    Why do they want to blind this guy, it is very very unfair nah
    The police hierarchy should please re orientate their officers so that they will know how to act professionally in relating to people especially to innocent civilians

  9. My brother its a pity thats Nigerian police for you, had it been you knew that such a thing awaits you in Port Harcourt you would have chilled where you have been since o. The people told to protect us are the ones now killing us after they will tell you people that police is your friend.
    My dear you gat to endure nah because what has happened has happened.

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