NLC and FG reach agreement as strike is suspended (photos)

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The Nigerian Labour Congress and the federal government have reached an agreement concerning the supposed strike.

The NLC had fixed 28th of September for the commencement of strike over fuel increment and electricity tariff hike. The Labour union also announced negotiation meeting with the federal government.

The new agreement, according to a tweet by the Minister of Labour and employment (State) Festus Keyamo involves the suspension of the new electricity tariff hike for two weeks.

“FG & LABOUR reached agreement at 2:53am. Deregulation to stay as Govt rolls out palliatives for labour (details in 2 weeks); Electricity tariffs suspended by Govt for 2 weeks with a joint Committee headed by @fkeyamo to examine the justification for the new policy. Strike suspended.”

Read the details of the agreement below:

NLC and FG reach agreement as strike is suspended (photos) 8NLC and FG reach agreement as strike is suspended (photos) 9NLC and FG reach agreement as strike is suspended (photos) 10


  1. I have already have it in mind that both parties will surely reach an agreement to suspend the proposed strike, but where is the masses policy in this an agreement? Federal government should roll out more palliative to cushion this hardship we (citizens) are going through at the moment without further delay.

  2. It is good to hear that they have reached an agreement. It will be better if the increament is suspended indefinitly so that there will be peace
    The suffer is too much in this country

  3. I have already been thinking that this strike would not hold water. The labour unions and federal government should mandate those state that have not commence the payment of minimum wage to their workers to do so without any excuses and also promote those civil servants that have been long over due. Moreso, state government should also roll out palliative to her citizens.

  4. Is not enough like that because we suppose to srike so that everything we come to normal. NLC has collected bribe from federal government because there boss is an hausa man. No matter what… We suppose to strike, we want petrol to drop to #70 per litter. I already know that this is what is going to happen between NLC and federal government.

  5. Though, government does not understand other languages than strike. Government have reached many agreements without implemented any, they should stand up to their responsibilities and make policies that will be friendly with masses not anti masses policy. Federal and state governments should do something about the problems we are facing now.

  6. NLC should not allow federal government to brainwash there head o, Because we are in need of this strike, we want our economy come back to normal, especially petrol and electricity, we are suffering in this country too much. Anyway reaching an agreement is the end, we are waiting for the outcome.

  7. What stupid agreement? Agreement without implementation is that one agreement? The most important thing which is fuel is still high and you are talking about agreement

  8. I do not think the NLC is even serious with the interest they claim to be pursuing. This is how they do everytime the government derails, they fight and jettison the fight along the way even making the case in question worse
    The price of fuel and electricity is very high and every single thing in the country now is very very costly and the masses are serious agony and the NLC is talking of one agreement of suspending the prices for two weeks
    What does this mean, I think it is of no use and unacceptable

  9. This is deceit that NLC are falling into so cheap. Anyway the NLC of this regime don’t have the masses at heart to defend, what do we expect? The so call negociation they wasted time doing, should tell us what and where NLC will eventually end. Shame

  10. What useless agreement is that? Is it an agreement that will yield out positive result or the one they will just sweep under the carpet. I was annoyed when I heard the news this morning that Nigeria Labour Congress suspends strike but why did they (NLC) agreed with Federal Government sef.

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