Senator Abbo fined N50m for assaulting woman in a sex toy shop

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A Federal Capital Territory High Court has ordered Senator Elisha Abbo, to pay N50m as compensation to Osimibibra Warmate for assaulting her at a sex toy shop in Abuja.

Mr. Abbo is the lawmaker representing Adamawa North Senatorial at the National Assembly.

In July 2020, a magistrate court in Zuba found the senator not guilty of criminal assault.

However, Warmate proceeded to file a fundamental human right suit marked CV/2393/19 before the FCT High Court.

Delivering judgment on Monday, the judge found Abbo guilty and ordered him to pay the sum to the young lady.


  1. is his case different from others he should get what others re getting he should not be treated different because he is a senator

  2. Guilty or not guilty….guilty…o
    The court that is higher has said it, and I feel that so many people who heard the story or watched the video of this senator assaulting this young lady will hail the court
    N50m is a large sum of money and if he pays it to the woman it will help to dampen the bad feeling created in the woman because of this assault

  3. That serves him right, Even the court ought to have fine him more more than that because he did was so ridicle of him. How on Earth would one court acquitted him?

  4. Waoh!!! The court is truly the last hope for the common man
    Kudos to the judge for this well deserved judgement, he has done well
    At least this huge money will help to pacify this lady
    Because he is a senator, he feels he can take the laws into his hands
    It serves him right

  5. Senator abbo does not worthy of emulation, it (because he behaved like animal) also doesn’t worth to be a representative not to talk of a Nigeria representative which is senator. Too bad of him.

  6. I don’t think there is justice in Nigeria and it could be, because with clear video evidence slapping the woman repeatedly yet a court or one justice still go ahead and acquainted him instead of found him guilty. I hope he will pay the the money to him without further delay.

  7. This is a very impressive judgment and a lesson to others, like the case of the former minister of Education who strip his workers Neked because of little amount of money the man must be Arrested and charge to court and must be disqualify from his plan to become governor of Delta state.

  8. Congratulations to 👉Osimibibra Warmate what can we call this now is it who wants to be a millionaire or what, because you already a millionaire now, #50m is not a Small money. Elisha abbo you just have to take heart is still part of our money, thats how God go they cash you people. Make sure you pay the ransom in time.

  9. Very good I love the judgement, let him pay the money shap shap, 50m is even small but anyway is still part if it.
    Congratulations on your new awaiting 50m

  10. this is a very impressive judgment and a lesson to others,like the case of the former minister of education who strips his workers neked because of a little amount of money, the man must be arrested and charge to court and must be disqualify from his plan to become governor of Delta state.

  11. Just Because They Have Powers Doesn’t Give Them The Right To Assult Anyone,There will be no appeal, that useless senator deserve more punishment.

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