We cannot drop Biafra for Igbo Presidency – IPOB

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The indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) continue to maintain their stand for the Biafra republic as they have advised those clamouring for Igbo Presidency come 2023 to forget about the ambition.
The group through its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, said that what Igbo wants is Biafra and not ‘Presidency’.

In a statement by its group media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, Kanu expressed displeasure for those hunting for sons and daughters who will represent the region come 2023.
“To those who think we can drop our agitation for Biafra because of their useless promise of Nigeria President of Igbo extraction in 2023 must be smoking mind bending drugs because their hallucinations will not get them anywhere, he said.

“Take your ‘Igbo Presidency’ and give us Biafra. Biafra is non negotiable and very soon we shall restore our dream republic”.
On sit at home order it issued last week against October 1st, Kanu said : “we the indigenous peoples of Biafra , IPOB, wish to restate our irrevocable resolve to observe the sit-at-home order earlier issued by our leader, Nazi Nnamdi Kanu against October 1st 2020 independence anniversary of Nigeria .

“This order which is a peaceful protest of our discontent with the injustices, misrule, oppression, killings and other atrocities perpetrated by the government of Nigeria against Biafrans and other indigenous peoples must be observed throughout Biafraland

“Any governor, political office holder in Biafraland or anywhere in Nigeria who thinks he can issue a counter directive must understand that what awaits every traitor in the history of liberation struggle is inevitably waiting for them.

“All Biafrans home and abroad are united in their resolve to lock Biafraland down on October 1 and no traitor can break our ranks or dent our resolve.

“All markets and business premises in Biafraland must remain closed from 6am to 6pm on October 1st. The same way, Biafran traders outside Biafraland should stay away from their shops and business environment on that day

“All roads in Biafraland MUST be deserted. Every motor-park should be under lock and key, it must remain closed. Motorist, tricycle and motorcycle operators should keep-off all roads in Biafraland. More importantly parents and guardians should not make the mistake of allowing their children to step outside or gather in large numbers as terrorists are planning a deadly attack on that very day.

“There should be no public event, processions or protests. Everybody in Biafran territory must remain indoors from dawn to dusk. All Biafrans must remain indoors to avoid becoming victims of stray bullets or being injured by security operatives.

“People should boycott every activity in connection with the Nigeria independence anniversary because Nigeria has nothing to celebrate after 60 years of misery, poverty and death. Nigeria is held hostage by those who have more regard for their cows than human beings. So, there is nothing to celebrate. We must remember all victims of terrorism in our land and beyond.

“We advise all Biafrans and our sympathisers all over the world including our Oduduwa brothers and sisters to join us in observing this order. If you were indoors during covid -19 lockdown for months and never died of hunger, staying at home for 12 hours on October 1st it will not in anyway hurt you but rather it will send a message to the whole world that we are tired of the pain, suffering and terrorism in Nigeria.

“To those who think we can drop our agitation for Biafra because of their useless promise of Nigeria President of Igbo extraction in 2023 must be smoking mind bending drugs because their hallucinations will not get them anywhere. Take your ‘Igbo Presidency’ and give us Biafra. Biafra is non negotiable and very soon we shall restore our dream republic!”


  1. Stop disturbing yourself, whenever ipob is giving the president or vice they will always support the motion… The reason they were talking now is because they were been cheated on right now but when they collect some power now they will fall in line

  2. So many problems in Nigeria due to marginalization of people. Had it been that Nigeria system was designed in a way that equity will be the watch world, i dont think any part of the nation would have been omplaining
    The south east has been marginalized for so long now and that is why they are angry and agitating

  3. president is not what we need am in support of our leader is saying we should all support him to achieve it we re the once to benefit it so I want us to sand by him in this struggle

  4. Igbo presidency? What impact Jonathan created in his village? What impact Buhari as a president doing for Daura people?
    The politicians crying for igbo presidency are fighting for their pockets.

  5. All these agitations is because of bad governance we are experiencing in Nigeria today. If government can correct all these problems we are encountering now, all the regions will shelter their words and any of government on the throne.

  6. But anyone who can so mobilize the Igbo would alienate the rest of Nigeria. For the Igbo grassroots to give any politician the kind of support they currently give to Nnamdi Kanu, that politician ought to have by now identified with the struggle for Biafra. The main reason the Igbo masses fanatically support Mazi Kanu is that he identifies with Biafra and has dedicated his life to pursuing it. Were Kanu today to abandon the struggle for Biafra, the same Igbo masses for sure would withdraw their support from him. So, the truth which the Igbo elite don’t want to face and side with is that the vast majority of Igbos want and, in fact, need Biafra. And the reason is obvious: they’re intent on safeguarding their access to the national feeding trough. This of course means that the current Igbo political office bearers aren’t Igbo leaders in any meaningful sense. A leader is one who identifies with the cause of his people and LEADS it. For the Igbo, that cause is clear: IT IS BIAFRA. Quite frankly, I can’t see that an Igbo Presidency would do Igbos any real good, beyond the purely cosmetic and symbolic. That Igbo President would be unable to do anything bold without the North agreeing to it. More importantly he’d be unable to restructure Nigeria in the way Igbos want. And, don’t forget that the army wouldn’t be loyal to him — there simply are no Igbos in the Nigerian Military. In fact, the North would be very antagonistic toward him and be very belicose in their opposition. If he ever dared them they’d simply kill him in a coup. Such a President would feel very insecure and be far too trepid to achieve anything meaningful for non-Northerners, let alone for the Igbos. The Igbo Presidency is truly a distraction from the cause we Igbos should be pursuing, which is either Biafra or a truly Confederal Structure. The Igbo Presidency is only a nice-to-have; it isn’t at all necessary. Pro-Biafra organisations, rather than stop stop their agitation for Biafra, should ratchet it up.

  7. Sit at home is not the solution for our problems, our leaders will just behave like they are less concerned. Unless we troop out enmass to register our agitation they won’t listen to us. If government could provide amenities that we need for us it will suppress every agitations.

  8. Whether agitation for 2023 for presidency or Biafra all what we need is peace in our country, we shouldn’t let our unification jeopardize with sentiment or selfishness, government should look for a way to tackle or settle our differences for the progress of one nation. May God have mercy on us.

  9. Yes o
    Let them go with their presidency we don’t need it again, this is the means they want BIAFRANS to stop agitating but I don’t think it will work for them because Igbos have been maltreated enough, so now they want freedom and that they (IGBOS) must get, there is no two ways about it.

  10. I just like this man….beef before I always against him but later I realized he always saying the truth. I will please to federal government to let Biafra stand on there own and republic of oduduwa land thank you.

  11. Please federal government should allow this people to stand on there own now abi na waiting? Let them beer there name called republic of Biafra and let the peace raign.

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