Reject water resources bill, it is RUGA in disguise – Igbo group tell South-East communities

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A foremost Igbo group, Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU) has described the Water Resources Bill lying before the National Assembly as Rural Grazing Areas (RUGA) agricultural programme in disguise.

The group made the remark in a statement signed by its National President, Chief Emeka Diwe and National Publicity Secretary, Gideon Adikwuru.

The union in a release noted that the explanation by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed that the said bill has no relationship with RUGA ended up convincing all that there was more to the bill than meets the eyes.

It submitted that Igbo land would not give out any part of its land or water body for the purposes of RUGA agricultural programme.

According to the union, “The Water Resources Bill if passed into law gives the federal government ownership not only over water and underground resources but control over 3KM from waterfronts.”

It further envisaged the bill as a near disaster one, arguing that there is hardly any community in Igboland where water bodies are not found. The bill, according to the release, violates the Land Use Act and entails that the Federal government will authorize or give license to persons who may want to sink boreholes anywhere in Nigeria.

The group, however, charged all Nigerians of Igbo extraction to speak against the bill, especially now that it is still pending at the National Assembly.


  1. That’s bill is a selfish bill, those in power wants to use it for selfish reasons thats not nationalistic in nature. They should restructure to balance the unity of Nigeria. Water ways isn’t beneficial to the nation, just allow the old laws the very way it’s.

  2. In lieu of the explanation what is the position of south east and South south on this issue because before the passage of any bills it surely go through each of national assembly both upper and lower. They are the one we need be held responsible if any recents bill become law.

  3. What is the essence of representative we are sending to national assembly both upper and lower because they are all there to serve the interest of the masses not only because of salary and other allowances? If executive introduce any bills that is the detrimental to the masses you have the power not to let it scape first reading not to talk of second and third.

  4. Why is that federal government wants to take over the resources that belongs to the state after they are the one taking the larger share of the allocation then what else do you want. There are many federal government roads and others that are neglected by the federal government yet you still want to take the one that they are managing also. People should resist this law if it’s not people’s friendly law.

  5. We don’t want RUGA and we don’t want any thing close to it. Any bill related to it should be stood down and thrown away
    Please we want peace in our zone, so don’t just bring up any bill that is anti people to us

  6. The South east don’t like problem… O so any so called bill that will jeopardise the peace that is in the zone should be rejected by all
    The other time they were talking about this RUGA, no one accepted it, so they should not bring it up again through corner corner way

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