The situation will not change unless drastic measures are taken – Zulum speaks on Boko Haram attacks

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Governor Babagana Zulum has disclosed that he will now be “more careful” following recent attacks launched by Boko Haram insurgents on his convoy which he said will not change unless drastic measures are taken.

The Governor said this after members of the National Assembly from Borno state paid him a sympathy visit in respect of the recent ambushes on his convoy.

Zulum who thanked the lawmakers for the visit, said he remains undeterred in his determination to deliver a peaceful Borno State in no distant time. He added that the situation in the state is still “very dicey” especially in view of himself and those who accompanied him to the northern parts of Borno State.

Zulum said;

“The situation, of course, is obnoxious and unlikely to remain unchanged except drastic actions is taken; otherwise the insurgency will take over Maiduguri.”


  1. I commend the courage of governor baba gana zulum for his unrelenting effort to rehabilitate and rescusitate borno state. The issue of this bokoharam is becoming unbearable, all securities chiefs should tighten up the securities in the country then we will have peace in the country.

  2. The incessant attacked on the governor of borno state is very disappointed because I’m wondering the kind effontry that bokoharam could have got before attacking a chief security of the state if not there are some people behind it. I called on the federal government to strengthen the security of borno state before getting out of hand.

  3. It’s obnoxious and pathetic to see bokoharam attacking a sitting governor without being fear of anything, it’s a slap on our security agencies that we have in Nigeria. When a sitting governor attacked then what would happen to bloody civilians. The architectural of the security of our country is already cracked and those in power should a matter of urgency find lasting solution to it. I will just implore the governor zulum not to deterr and relent his efforts because of this unpleasant situation, may Almighty God guide and guard you.

  4. only heavens knows the truth and also remember that whoever lost his golden ring in the river must not blame the river but himself; the evil covered at night has finally germinated at noon day, the sooner mostly you norths starts calling spade a spade the better for them failing to do so, whatever goes around must surly turns around.

  5. so it means that the president has really failed on his Promise’s starting from 2015 till date pls why don’t u resign as a president because we tied of hearing the attack happening everyday

  6. This man is saying the truth, because zulum has remained the best governor so far in my own side, he made it clear sometime ago that “is either he is no more or bokoharam. Despite all the attack he is still trying in the state.

  7. I love this Governor zeal in as much as he has been attacked severally he is still determine in bringing back peace to borno state, I think he is the best governor borno has ever gotten

  8. We heard that the Boko Haram insurgent had been wipe off from Borno state. I don’t understand how they are still attacking the region, the governor especially.

  9. We used to live in peace before in this country. But now no more. I begin to wonder at what point this madness called insurgency crippled into this nation.
    The killings and destructions are too much and no one has up till today come up to explain to us clearly what these bokoharam guys really want
    The government should tackle this and I suggest a round table dialogue to stop this menace permanently

  10. It is clear that these boys I mean the bokoharam guys are very much in ground contrary to what the government was making us to believe
    The federal government and the boronu state government should find ways to stop this insurgency permanently

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