Those saying this administration is the most corrupt are just being petty – Ahmed Lawan

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Senate president Ahmed Lawan has rebuked all those saying the Buhari-led administration is the most corrupt the country has ever experienced.

Speaking after the second national summit on diminishing corruption and the launch of the national ethics and integrity policy by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), he termed such people as petty as he made it known that the administration based its campaign to tackle corruption, insecurity, insurgency and has left no stone unturned in doing that.

Lawan also recalled how a past administration described corruption as “mere stealing”.

“I don’t know who they are and I don’t know what their facts are. But I will not speak to speculations; I speak to facts. I want to see the facts that there’s more corruption in this administration than the previous administrations, he said

“You will recall that in a particular former administration, we know that somebody once said that what people accused the government of corruption was simple stealing. This administration does not see anything that appears like corruption or thievery and leaves it untreated. So, I believe it depends on who is talking.

“If you have opposition, it is likely the opposition will tell you there’s so much ‘persecution’ of the opposition, that there’s so much corruption in this administration than the previous one. But we know the previous administrations.

“Let me be a bit more decent and maybe non-political. But I want to tell you that this administration has done so well because we campaigned on the basis of three pillars of anti-corruption, the fight against insurgency and insecurity across the country, and the revitalisation of our economy.

“So, no administration or political party, in the history of Nigeria that fought its campaigns on the basis of fighting corruption in Nigeria. In fact, there were administrations that never mentioned corruption in their entire tenure.

“This administration has stood firmly, trying to fight corruption, and I want to believe that those who are saying there’s more corruption in Nigeria today than before are simply trying to be partisan or petty.”


  1. Talking about fighting corruption is not the same with fighting corruption
    Your party led government is hinged on propaganda, that is all you are known for and it is too bad
    There is so much corruption now and before, as for me I do not think anything has changed
    Why is it that nothing is working instead, we are going down more and more

  2. I Don’t Know Who They Are And I Don’t Know What Their Facts Are. But I Will Not Speak To Speculation.those are rubbish stamb.

  3. Let me give you an insight, i.e the suspension magu, what of the recent discovery detected by the ICPC now and many more, is it from previous administration or the current administration? Then what are you saying, you better make findings and give us feed back.

  4. How many survey have you carried out before coming to that conclusion. If people do not see or hear they won’t say, we see what’s going on and what’s you are doing. You are not the one to tell us we are the one to say whatever we see in you, because you’re not the general overseas of everything.

  5. The government should stood firmly in tackling the corruption if not the corruption will still continue as an endemic in our country. There a lots of money meant for some people but siphoned by few ones, we need strict law not only by mouth.

  6. No one is interested in knowing which government is more corrupt than the other
    All i know is that nothing seems to be working out in this administration
    The corruption which you claimed you came to fight, is seen everywhere clearly

  7. You this people are very stupid, because I don’t know what people even take us for…ever Nigeria knows that president Muhammadu Buhari administrations is the corrupted in this country, and is together with you rubber stamp Senate president, you people did not lead Nigeria to anywhere, instead you keep on ruling with hardship in the country.

  8. Oga even u re corrupt not only the government because u re working with the corrupt government u help them to achieve everything they need. u said they re not corrupt all the money u help them to borrow nd the abacha loot that was returned were re they pls can u answer me

  9. Lawan is lying to Nigeria, as we all know lawan is not the right person to be as Senate president but saraki because we all know what president Muhammadu buhari want to use him for. He is trying to protect his bad work that’s why he’s lying that Buhari administrations is not corrupted. What a stupid statements.

  10. Does campaign and noise about anti corruption make an administration not to be corrupt.Anti corruption campaign is rather a strategy to decieve and distract people while corruption thrives

  11. And the so called fight against corruption where has it led us,does it change the fact that the prices of commodity and other essential needs are on hike and sky rocketing.

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