Woman pours hot water on 8-year-old house help for licking milk meant for her baby (Photos)

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An Anambra state couple identified as Mrs Ogochukwu Anichukwu and Mr. Emmanuel Anichukwu have been called out for maltreating their 8-year-old house help.

The couple have been accused of flogging and starving the little girl countless number of times as she has sometimes being seen eating sand due to starvation.

The couple were recently taken to the human right legal initiative in Ekwulobia, Anambra State following the injury the 8-year-old house help sustained after she was poured hot water by Ogochukwu for licking milk meant for her baby

Facebook user, Jane Iyke shared the story.

“This case is before Human right legal initiative Ekwulobia Anambra State already but if you know this girl Mma from Awgu Enugu State,kindly advise the family to come and pick their child before they bring her back in corpse.

This child is living with Mrs Ogochukwu Anichukwu from Ndikelionwu and Mr. Emmanuel Anichukwu from Enugu State as a househelp in Nanka Anambra state.

This girl’s offense was that she licked the milk meant for her baby, she poured hot water on her and locked her inside so that neighbors won’t see her in that state.

The neighbours confirmed to have seen the girl eating sand severally because of starvation. She’s now used to flogging which was why the woman used hot water this time.

The neighbor that reported to the Human rights legal aid according to them entered their house unexpectedly and caught Mma trying to run inside to avoid been seen as she was vehemently warned not to allow anyone see her.

The girl is now in the hospital for proper medical care. For more information you can call the Human right legal Aid initiative on


Woman pours hot water on 8-year-old house help for licking milk meant for her baby (Photos) 8

Woman pours hot water on 8-year-old house help for licking milk meant for her baby (Photos) 9Woman pours hot water on 8-year-old house help for licking milk meant for her baby (Photos) 10


  1. Why are the people full of evils in their hearts, pouring hot water on the body of 8 years old girl because of licking the milk that is meant for your baby, this so bad. That’s what I’m saying there is no law because if there is, the culprit ought to have been in jail by now, Wickedness.

  2. What a touching story, just milk, she poured hit water on this small girl
    People can be wicked…o
    The law should take its course on these couple
    They should be purnished severely

  3. See somebody’s child, this woman is so heartless God will surely judge u accordingly, an eight years old girl…if u can’t take care of this girl as ur own child why did u take her away from her parents or guardians?

  4. Using 8 years child for house help is totally wickedness not to talk of the treatment melted him, NAPTIP should rescue the child from the couple before doing what is worse to the said child. Even the parents who gave out this child also wicked.

  5. If possible that governments could ban using children for housemaid or menial Jobs it would have been better because nowadays the way those people are treating those housemaid s pathetic, they should do something about it in order to prevent further occurrence.

  6. imaging that because of milk this woman is an evil woman if it’s her child will she pure him hot water look at the boy he doesn’t look like someone who is even eating well the lady is very wicked she should be arrested pls

  7. What a heartless and you also have your children, I pray if this little girl letter dei. Mercy we never come across both of you. Please human rights do the normal things and charge them to court. They are not human being.

  8. This is pure wickedness nah. If they know they don’t want to stay with this child again, they better send her home instead of maltreating him/her
    See the injury they have given to this child now, it is unfair
    These couple should be meant to suffer for their actions, they should be prosecuted and dealt with severely

  9. Just take them to court, because they deserve to go prison. See how they matreat the Young girl. And they have there own children too. You will never succeed in your entire life.

  10. Is because she’s not your child that’s why she’s been maltreated well I blame the parents of the victim for giving their child that is not even up to 15yrs out for house help, now look how they maltreated the poor girl.

  11. How can a 8year old child be employed as a maid. This is violating the children’s rights . Praying for quick recovery baby girl . May Almighty God fight for you, heartless woman God will judge you…

  12. What kind of parent will leave a child of that age alone to be a house help somewhere?
    The couple should be fined and allow to pay damages to the little girl. They must face the consequences of their actions.

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