Don Jazzy celebrates two years without smoking

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The CEO of Mavin Records, Michael Collins Ajereh, known as Don Jazzy celebrates two years of quitting smoking, today, September 29, 2020. His journey of quitting the smoke act began in 2018.

In a post via his official handle on Twitter, Don Jazzy praised himself for abstinence from the intake of any form of harmful gaseous substances.

Sharing a time warp record of how long he has been off smoking, the Mavin Boss wrote, “Hehe it’s 2 years now.”

“You have been smoke free for: 2 years 0 months 4 days 8 hours 0 minutes 39 seconds.”

Don Jazzy celebrates two years without smoking 4


  1. Can you imagine
    Nothing these celebrities won’t show us o, celebrating two years without smoking for us to do what nah? So that we will clap for you or what nah, , , , no you for continue smoking. Your next celebration will be a year without woman or a year without banging. Instead of you presenting or possing with your would be wife, your here telling us another thing.

  2. Kudos man, you have done well to have stayed two good years without smoking
    It is not all that easy to quit a habit and it takes courage and being stead fast to do it
    Congratulations Don jazzy

  3. To late is better than never, thank God for your life, federal ministry of health has already warned us that smokers are liable to die Young thank God for saving your life.

  4. Not only celebrating, you should also thank God for saving your life because taking harmful substances lead to damage of some organs in our body. I thank God for because it’s not too late before you realize your mistakes.

  5. In as much as it is not easy to stick to s habit broken, i do not think two years is much
    Let him never think of going back to smoking, sincr they said that tobaco smoking is dangerous to ones health
    Kudos to you don jazzy

  6. Many believe smoking isn’t a bad habit untill it gets to a time it’s adverse effect begins to manifest in their body. Thank God he was able to stop. But from his statement, it’s was his power that did it. He gave no glory to God

  7. Try to avoid it for the rest of your entire life, because smoking are liable to die Young and you never old, I still pray for your long life

  8. You try but is not your power but God miracle, it will better for you not think of taking it again. Happy avoiding smoking anniversary.

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