Don’t control Obaseki – Oba of Benin warns PDP Governors

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The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, has warned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) about godfatherism, which the party campaigned against before the September 19 Edo State governorship election.

Speaking on Tuesday, when five PDP governors, Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa, Nyesom Wike of Rivers, Aminu Tanbuwal of Sokoto, Seyi Makinde of Oyo and Godwin Obaseki of Edo paid him a courtesy call, he told them not to control Obaseki as the whole world is watching Edo State.

He said;

“I want to on this occasion plead with the PDP to guide against godfatherism and not to allow unscrupulous members to kill your party.

“I will tell the PDP governors not to become hidden godfathers that will be controlling Governor Obaseki.

“All hands should be on deck to work for Edo State and Edo people everywhere they may be. This is where everybody will be proud to belong to. I said the whole world is watching Edo State and I thank God and our ancestors that the election came without any violence.”


  1. Yhe oba of Benin is absolutely saying the truth. But there not godfatherlism obaseki they are just protect there party, they just have to tell him what he suppose to no and join hand with him to improve the good work he has been doing.

  2. They are not goffatherlism obaseki, is just that PDD has rules of governoring, and obaseki is a novice in the party. They just have to take him through and guide him.

  3. All well as so called party leader especially in edo states, i know all there mouths we be wide up now to swallow money, they should better heed to this warning.i personally love this concern show by oba ewuare

  4. A revered Oba like no other. Straight on point…No more godfatherism. It must be completely eradicated in our political system. Lagosians I hope you heard the respectable Oba laud and clear.

  5. In everywhere there’s always godfatherism but it depends how the way they present themselves. Greediness and selfishness is their motto that’s why they always having problem with their godson.

  6. That’s fatherly advise to them if and only if they will listen to you because corruption has eaten deep into there tooth. But at the end it will be an added added advantage them not because of today but tommorow. Thanks Papa.

  7. Words of an elderly person will surely come to pass if not today but tommorow. Because godfatherism is what led to the downfall of one party and they should have learnt one or two things from it, may the royal father live long on the throne.

  8. It is not good to spit and leak your spit back. Their main campaign words were that they will stamp out Godfatherism so they have to stand on that and make sure that they maintain that promise to the people so as not to batter their image

  9. We saw this coming if PDP want to survive all over Nigeria let them allow governor obaseki to do his work so that their formal bad image can be resolved.

  10. We all know Nigeria politics. Once the PDP get what they have been eyeing, they will forget their promises.
    I hope they keep to their words

  11. The large number of voters that voted obaseki are watching
    If they bring in god father system as oshomole, the people will be disappointed and will surely vote them out some other time
    They should be guided

  12. Why this godfatherism sef? It was because this godfatherism of a thing was put to an end that made Obaseki to won for that Governor seat for the second time in Edo State why bringing it up again. Obaseki is not a baby that you can control.

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