Jaruma exposes lady who DM’ed her to ask for ‘Juju’ to make Laycon give her his N85million grand prize (photos)

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Sex therapist, Jaruma has exposed a lady who came to her DM to ask for ‘Juju’ to make BBNaija season 5 winner, Laycon give her his N85million grand prize.
Jaruma shared photos of the lady on her Instagram page, and a screenshot of her message stating her request.

Jaruma exposes lady who DM'ed her to ask for ‘Juju’ to make Laycon give her his N85million grand prize (photos) 6Jaruma exposes lady who DM'ed her to ask for ‘Juju’ to make Laycon give her his N85million grand prize (photos) 7


  1. Lol,desperate girl…so after all the insults he took before he finally won you want to reap where you did not sew.Thank God you are exposed,dont go and hustle and make your own money.

  2. They will not go nd work, or learn hardwork, lazy set of people, most of them the only thing they have to offer is sex! empty heads.

  3. I know ladies, most of them are so greedy and are gold diggers
    They will like LAYCON now because of the cash
    She wants the whole money and not even part

    1. Imagine this lazy Nigeria you, looking for juju to hijacked someone money. Me I get juju make she come ilorin come collect am. Nonsense.

  4. Why is our ladies so desperate like this? What Laycon has been working and dreaming of you just want to to take it away just like that, always fear God.

  5. Always do whatever you are doing with fear of God. You are the type that wants what someone has laboured for so many years to be of your own in a day. That’s wickedness.

  6. OMG! Ladies can go extra length to have or get whatever they want from man but they don’t realize that one day it will back fire. Any evil done by a man will redressed later if not today. This lady is an evil.

  7. Greedy lady, she does not want part instead she wants all the money
    Laycon should be careful…o
    These ladies are brutes and they dont have human sympathy…o

  8. What can I called this now, some woman are wicked even if laycon himself make an attempt to give you the 85ml would you even take it. Because laycon don get money now you stated do wuruwuru, God no go allow you to run laycon life because you are not human being. Na God go punish you.

  9. Wonders shall never end, women and money nawa oh since you needed the 85mil why not go for the tv show and try your luck who knows you would have been the winner than going to look for juju that will make Laycon to give you his money, you well at all. When he was in the house taking insults from fellow housemates why didn’t you do something to stop it.

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