NERC finally suspends Electricity Tariff for 14 days

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The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on Wednesday directed the 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to suspend the Sept. 1 new tariff.

The commission’s suspension order of the Multi Year Tariff Order (MYTO) 2020 signed by Prof James Momoh, NERC’s Chairman was released on its website on Wednesday.

The suspension, which followed a joint communique issued by the Federal Government and the labour unions is for 2 weeks.

Recall that the Federal Government had agreed the suspension is in order to further consultations and finalisation of negotiations between the parties.

The order by NERC said that from Sept 28 to Oct 11, the DisCos must revert all charges to the tariff existing as of Aug 31.

“This means that for the next two weeks, electricity consumers having power above 12 hours who were affected by the over 100 per cent tariff hike would revert to their old charges,” it said.


  1. I hope someone will not just sit down in Aso Rock to dish out instructions without follow up. If not enforced, the tariff hike will survive the two weeks and nothing will happen..Let them keep deceiving themselves not the masses. They have already done the deal..

  2. Cancelation or suspension is only on the NEWS but the INCREASE is very much effective on the costumers’ bills. Let’s see.

  3. I won’t commend you for that because we are still experiencing shortage of light in our environment, therefore, we will be expecting what it’s going to happen in the next few days.

  4. they just want to confuse people…we will still pay on the new tarriff let bet and see if we didn’t comply see your wire on the ground.this is just the media talk.

  5. The hike in electricity is not good at the present that Nigeria is facing or sinking in inflation. I’m not expecting the government to increase anything now that we are just coming out from recession, that is act of wickedness. We are looking forward to the outcome after 2weeks.

  6. In first instance, why did you increase the electricity tariff without putting anything in place so that you will have justification for it, you will just wake up one day and say this is what you want to do and you will expect us to just accepted it without antagonize.

  7. But wait o lemme ask why the increament in the first place. Na una sabi o we are just watching this country how everything is going, hope something good will come out of this whole thing.

  8. What do we stand to gain from two weeks suspension, this is pure waste of time
    We will still go back to square one
    Labour is just a toothless bull dog with no mission at all

  9. I can never welcome this , because you already know what you are doing, ist until NLC come out and against any one of your decision before you now change your mind, I mean federal government, is not good like that as one Nigeria

  10. You try but we don’t suppose to be affecting ourselves now, is it because you people have everything, like Sola, generator and good environment. There’s God o. We are not fully enjoying the electricity before still decided to increase the payment.

  11. What type of agreement is this. Is labour using their senses at all
    If they like, let them suspend it for one year
    I dont think i care
    I have never seen a government like this that feels so much joy like this to see the masses gnashing their teeth

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