Some Men hate women who empower other women – Toni Tone shares opinion

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Write and public speaker, Toni Tone has shared that some men hate women who empower other women because empowered women are harder to control.

She stated this in a tweet via her Twitter handle. She wrote;

“Some men hate women who empower other women, because an empowered woman is a woman that is harder to control. They don’t want women knowing that their body is for them and only them. They don’t want women knowing what they deserve. They don’t want women hearing about what they shouldn’t put up with.

“They don’t want women to be confident or to know they have authority over their own life. When a man passionately dislikes a woman who is known for empowering other women, ask him why he dislikes her. Often the reasons given are fickle and insignificant because they’re too ashamed to give the real reason; which is ‘she makes women feel powerful and I don’t like that’.”


  1. Any man that doesn’t like other woman to be empowered are evil, a woman that is industrious is very helpful to the society and her family

  2. I didn’t subscribe to what you said because nowadays men do not want to marry liability lady anymore may be you are talking from the past and not present. At least, since when I have been moving around, I have not from any of my colleagues who such in my present, therefore I won’t subscribe to it.

  3. Nowadays, both parties are working and they were not able to sustain their families not to talk of one hand. The life we are living now if care is not taking the wages or salary that the husband is earning might not be sufficient to finance only his mouth not to talk of wife and children.

  4. We need to wash hand with hand before it could because neat without that there will be lots of issue. The way things are going or moving presently we are facing many challenges because of inflation here and there. You whole your body if you have not married but once you are married legally it belongs to your husband.

  5. What you said is absolutely true. Because to choose woman as the head of anywhere, is not 💯,%ok, but any man that normally dislike woman been a leader is totally enemy of progress.

  6. We shouldn’t dislike ourselves, there’s nothing wrong been chosen woman as a leader in anyplace, because we also born to rule likewise.

  7. Thank God you said “some men” and not all men
    Some men feel that an empowered woman will know her rights and put up a challenge to them while some feel a woman should be empowered so that she will contribute to the running of the family

  8. Well, it’s well said. But only a man that hasn’t discover himself will be annoyed with an empowered woman. It causes intimidation in the man.

  9. My sister your eye clear but Let those type of men go hug transformer, that they don’t help their fellow men shouldn’t mean that women should not help their fellow women. Those set of men should be called enemy of progress and another thing with them is that they won’t help you or happy seeing you help another person, but they will like someone else to help them.

  10. The men that have this type of character are men who want to be lords over women, men who see women as inferior beings
    Those men feel that when these women are empowered, they will have power to have a say

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