I will return to the South-East if Nigeria splits – Onyeka Onwenu talks about Unity and her marriage to a Muslim

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Music legend, Onyeka Onwenu has revealed that she will be returning to the South-East if Nigeria disintegrates. 

Speaking at a virtual pre-book launch briefing ahead of the release of her memoir ‘My Father’s Daughter’ on October 1, the music urged people from the South-East to develop the region while pointing out that they’ve be marginalized for a long time. 

Onwenu said; 

“It doesn’t take away whatever you are doing in Lagos, Abuja, or Port Harcourt. You are free to live and do business wherever you are but remember back home, we are being marginalised for a long time. And our people have always done things for themselves.

“We built the Imo Airport. I was part of the process. It remains the only airport in the country that was built by the citizens and handed over to the Federal Government.

“My father went to school abroad, people in his home town collected money and supported him. That’s how we do things, we are communal people. So, I’m not afraid to go back home.

“If that happens (referring to Nigeria breaking up), I will go back to the South-East because I want to go back home. And even if we don’t split, I want to do so much there.”

Referencing her marriage to a Yoruba Muslim, the music icon urged Nigerians to let go of tribalism and focus on the positive values inherent in the different ethnic groups in the country. 

Onwenu added; 

“We are blessed with the richness of our culture and everyone should see themselves as one and not let divisions break the country.”


  1. The country is already divided, we are no longer one Nigeria anymore, we’ve allowed tribalism come in between us, we now hate ourselves

    1. You are absolutely free to go your Biafra land, nobody we hold you not to go, but I’m asurering that Nigeria we not decide.

  2. Yessooo the Igbos are really blessed people by God Almighty
    Thanks for saying that you will come back if Nigeria disintegrates
    All Igbos should come back and develop the south east

  3. Who said you should not go back to your father land. And note✍️ what you are thinking may not possible Nigeria can never plit into any number. So if you wish to go to your South East you are free.

  4. Splitting up from Nigeria is not the problem but we indigbo are we United
    This can be derived from the last presidential election

  5. What I see here in our country is not a matter of marginalization but selfishness attitude. For instance, we have NDDC in South East to coordinate and report the grievances of those people living in that region but derailed from the objectives of the commission and shiphoned the money that meant the development of the region. What do we call that?

  6. Nothing like home is what Bird sings. We should all know that no matter where we travel to we will surely back home, government should make sure that Nigeria doesn’t disintegrate because the way things are going now it is nothing to right home about. Our politicians should not be self centered and try to remember those who voted for them with their promises.

  7. If we’re not going to disintegrate it left to our leaders to do something meaningful urgently because the way our leaders are handling the issues in Nigeria is with levity hand. There are some delicate issues which needs urgent attention but handling with negligence such as insecurities, poverty and unemployment if these could be tackled at least the agitation for this disintegration will reduce a little bit.

  8. Tribalism is the major factor affecting Nigeria, if only we can stay out of it and tolerate ourselves Nigeria will be a better place for us all.

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