In the spirit of Naija’s 60th Independence, We are asking; Do You Have Power In Your Area Right Now?

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Let’s feel the pulse of our readers. Write where you live and if you have power right now.


  1. From kwara State, They took off the power by 2.21 a.m today and since then there’s no light but they just brought the power around past 3’0clock.

  2. From ilorin, we are just having light now since yesterday. There is nothing to write home about the light in our Area.

  3. Eeeeh light or waiting you call am, nothing like light in my area o. I leave around KARUMA in ilorin East local government in kwara state capital. Even 65% of kwaran did not have light now for some weeks back because of one suprise rain that destroy our pole and life wire. So nothing like light in my area o.

  4. More than two weeks now light no day my area, I day stay in Gambari ilorin in kwara state. Please help us beg nepa bring our light o. We no see anything watch in NTA as celebration day happen at eagle square in Abuja, everything just dry.

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