Google search tags Nigeria’s Agbani Darego as ‘ugliest miss world’

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Nigeria’s Agbani Darego has been tagged ‘ugliest miss world’ on Google search.

A Google search through the internet brings up Agbani Darego as the ugliest miss world. See below…

Agbani Darego is a Nigerian model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss World in 2001. She was the first indigenous African to win Miss World. In 2001, Darego was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

A few months later she was a contestant at Miss Universe, and became the first Nigerian to place among the top 10 semi-finalists, finishing seventh overall. She was the only contestant to wear a modest maillot as opposed to a revealing bikini during the swimsuit competition.

In November that year, she became the first indigenous African to claim the Miss World title (past African winners such as Penelope Coelen and Anneline Kriel from South Africa, are of European descent, and Antigone Costanda, who represented Egypt in 1954 is of Greek heritage).

Darego’s victory was widely welcomed in her home country, and her one-year tenure included goodwill trips and scheduled appearances on behalf of the pageant, and a national honour of MFR.


  1. Is she not contested for it before she became miss universe, are Google stylish telling us that those who presented the award to her are blind or what. That’s old wound.

  2. The person who contested in two places and won i.e Nigeria and world respectively, then what is the meaning of that. That can be a mistake by Google because I don’t see any reason why Google will tag her as ugliest miss world. After 19 years, old story.

  3. Black is beauty and everything God created is beautiful so Google can go and fuck themselves… congratulations to her once Again

  4. All this people writing those things on Google are all recist, so I don’t blame them. They should come and collect the crown na, rubbish

  5. During that time, she was the most beautiful peagant during their era. therefore, you tag her with any name. She has won and nothing can be done.

  6. I could vividly remember that this beautiful lady has won miss Universe before nah then why this statement now from google search, and if they feel she is the most ugliest Miss World they should then present to us the most beautiful Miss World.

  7. How can she possibly be the ugliest or goggle is being biased based on her descent.Well it takes more than just physical beauty to win the feat,i think more is involved like poise and charisma.

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