How do we expect to prosper when we say the country is useless – Ireti Doyle

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Nollywood Actress, Ireti Doyle has addressed a tweet to those who do not cease to rain insults on the country.

According to the actress, a land consistently cursed will not yield anything. Ireti added that how do we expect the country to prosper when all people do is call it useless as a country is not just a geographical location, but the people in it.

Her tweet:

A land, consistently cursed will not yield to us. How do we expect to prosper? You are exactly who and what you say you are. When you say a country is useless, remember, a country is not just a geographical location; is the PEOPLE. You & I. #Nigeria@60


  1. I don’t think we called Nigeria a useless country but what we are saying is that our leaders don’t love us because if they do they won’t put themselves first, they are full of self interest.

  2. Nigeria is endowed with natural resources but our leaders are the one causing one causing issues, if our leaders could do the right thing Nigeria will be great again. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Abeg pack one side without even saying it the country is nothing to write home about. Our leaders have useless this country. That Nigeria is not prosperous is not caused by what we say, ok do you want to tell me that those taking our money meant to maintain here to outside country are doing the right thing. Is this type of thing that keeps a country stagnant and backwards.

    1. We need to learn how to pray for our country, how can someone be cursing his/her country useless. For instance take look at America as a country….they always pray for there country including there leader as well. Please let’s join ✋ together🤝 and pray for our great country.

  4. As for me I’m not cursing the country but the leader inside the country. The Nigeria leader are very useless. Especially, President muhammadu buhari and his cabinet called minister and useless people called kaba. So the country is not useless but our leader.

  5. God must surely see us through and i believe that with time, we will get leaders that we have the political will to move this country forward, not minding what ever we say about this nation

  6. Nigeria is blessed with everything but leadership problem, if our leaders can change their ways and serve our country with all their strengths, to be faithful, loyal and honest. Nigeria will surely be great.

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