N107B was stolen by the previous administration – Matawalle alleges

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Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle has alleged that the previous administration stole a whooping sum of N107 billion from the state’s treasury.

He made this allegation via a tweet on Thursday October 1 after a discovery was made by a committee set up to probe financial mismanagement in the state.

Though Matawalle wasn’t specific on the adminstration, he however added that he will ensure that the stolen money is recovered.

Yesterday, I received the final report of Alhaji Ahmad Zabarma led committee on mismanagement of public finances & procurement processes. A whopping sum of N107 billion was stolen from state coffers by previous administration. We will recover these embezzled funds!, the tweet reads


  1. We are not surprised at the figure if you even check well you will see that is more than that. But the question is how much have you stolen? I know you won’t say yours and present administration own.

  2. Try to recover it back to the state of zamfara. Because we against corruption as one Nigeria. But note✍️ somebody we recover your own too. Because all of you are almost the same thing. Same bird same Felder. You inherited everything from your corrupted man President muhammadu buhari.

  3. That is bad news… They should be prosecuted and brought to justice… Those useless bastards deserves to be punished

  4. Is very good if you can retrieve the stolen money back to the state government. But make sure you did not do such in this your present administration.

  5. Why all these Lamentations? Do the right things now, don’t we have court of law anymore? Those involved in stealing whooping amount of money should be taking to the court of law and prosecute them.

  6. It has become the habit of all governments to to always taking away money meant for the citizens and the projects. Most of those leaders believe that if they steal the money nobody will query them and nobody will ask them where about of the money. If you can recover the money, you urgently need to do so.

  7. You politicians like to complain and lay blames on others
    Are you not looting too, do your job Sir and stop complaining

  8. Everyone of you is a theif because you believe that you are the alpha and Omega of the state and no one can query you. If there’s anything you can do to retrieve the money you should go ahead.

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